Vehicles are getting more expensive. This is not only to the general rise in prices, but also the fact that more and more demands are placed on a car. It should work according to the latest technical achievements, consume small amounts, are best equipped in terms of safety and driving pleasure not to be neglected.

As a result, vehicles are becoming more expensive and one for a new small car means at least 10,000 € reckoned with already. Even used cars of the middle class with average mileage is less than this amount are unlikely to.

Companies often have the problem that links the capital purchases of vehicles, which investment would be required for others. Even the Germans have long since ceased to necessary capital reserves - which does not mean, however, that he, dearest child 'would be to abandon. Consequently, the solution is car loan . As the group of people from new customers for the automaker is shrinking in this country, most of them relatively cheap (published) Financing for purchasing a new car to. There is a distinction between car leasing and the normal car loan . If the vehicle is leased, remains after the agreed period, a residual amount. If this is not made, the vehicle goes back to the lessor and it has been only for a certain period quasi rent, for lease is a credit, but a temporary lease. If you decide this yet, you have to make sure that when the contract has the possibility of a takeover of the object at a particular price is guaranteed. This variant is almost always worse than a car loan , the end of which the vehicle is the property of the borrower goes to.

The fast way to your car loan

Yet another circumstance suggests a cheap car loan record , not the banker to the vehicle manufacturer. The reason is: discount. Who has the necessary cash can save good money when buying a car, despite funding. Many car dealers offer financing of new cars to zero-point-Nix on - but that usually means that the cost to the price run-up were already allocated. Therefore, you pay in cash as the ability to negotiate discounts rich, either in the form of a reduced price, or better equipment or lack of extras for certain accessories. The discounts may well be up to 15 percent and even reductions of up to one third of them are feasible.

Before going for a car loan decision, it is sometimes very different conditions advisable because, of the various providers in detail to compare offers the. car loans are usually installment loans that differences in maturity, interest rate and any additional costs that way. This leads to different total concentrations, the amount of the monthly payment alone is no information. Before the approval for the car loan is the lender did almost always carried out a credit check and a Schufaauskunft obtained. There are no objections, you can usually a few days on the amount available within.
Is not advisable in this context of a so-called balloon financing of car loans . Although initial rates are very low, but this is an extremely high completion rate to afford.

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