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                                  There has been rapid changes in the field of technology and marketing in the few years. In this article i am focussing on the changes in marketing. Marketing has grown by leaps and bounds after people chose internet as a major entertainment source and time to spend with. So all companies started targeting this vital group of people as a source of income for the company and motivating people by showing that they also can earn money from internet. These changes can be seen from the growth of many companies like google and yahoo which solely depend only on such incomes from the ads.


              The companies have reached larger base and earned millions of dollars by just putting ads on the websites for which both the user, the company and the ad company gain. And this developed in such a way that the companies earned enough amount of money to invest in other options like software development and electronic devices which also picking up pace because of the reputation these companies have developed.


           People need to earn money from internet as a part of their daily life as the scope of earning are so much. That if some one doesnt do this it is something that he hasnt used usefully the available resources in the world. He can do by doing blogs or ads or watching and uploading videos or creating polls or doing surveys.



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