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                                  I am going to touch on certain topics of earning money which most of them dont touch upon. Firstly these are my views based on my experience and i cant justify it to be same in all instances.


One of the methods is to earn using surveys. There are so many sites which pay u for just taking up surveys one of them is a site name "Ciao Surveys India" which is one of the leading payers in india. And "Valued opinions india". Generally a survey is a opinion which is got by the companies from us to know generally the views of the people of a general category which is based on ur profile which you create on these websites. These surveys are generally targeted at people who are working or in particular sectors of job such as IT. Mostly people prefer to have their profile as working so that they receive surveys and earn easily from Rs. 18 to Rs. 1000 per survey. It depends on your attitude towards the survey whether to complete it or just attend it for the sake of attending it. Some key questions will decide whether you will procede with the survey or not. Sometimes it shows that you are not fit for a particular survey.


                             Then to tell about the other survey site which i use is "Valued Opinions India" where they pay money just for attending surveys of all types and clearing it. All surveys are very simple. It doesnt require much of work. Just read the questions and answer the relevant answers. And dont do just for name sake like clicking all or randomly clicking. They will identify by using key questions.



                            Other sites like global test market and surveysavvy are also good ones but you cannot earn much.

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