PTC- Paid To Click


There are several sites on net, called PTC sites, which pay a few cents for just viewing ads for a few seconds. But there are thousands of such sites which are just scam. Scam, in the sense, they make us read ads and they wont pay.

Neobux is a site which is available since a very long time, often called as the Grand Father of PTC sites.........


There are several ways of registration in the site:

1) Standard Member

  • Registration is Free.
  • Pays 1 cent per ad.
  • Pays 0.5 cents per referral ad.
  • Minimum Payout is 2$.
  • 4 to 5 ads per day.

2) Premium Member

  • Registration is about 90$ per year.
  • Pays 2 cents per ad.
  • Pays 1 cent per referral ad.
  • More than 50 ads per day.

We need an account in either of the following two sites in order to register an ac in Neobux

  • Alertpay
  • Paypal

This is where you get your money into. It is some kind of a online bank, from where you can manage your money transactions.

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