For any country,Banking Sector is the most important sector. In America,the problems started from the Banking Sector only and it spread to other sectors affecting IT industry etc. Therefore,Banking Sector is very critical to any country and Recruitment of Officers in Banking Sector assumes utmost significance to any country.

However,of late,a disturbing trend is happening. To quote a few examples-Central Bank of India selected around 700 Probationary Officers (P.Os) and they joined on 29 April 2009 thoughout the country . Out of the 700 P.Os selected,more than 400 are from Bihar. (only 3 from Tamilnadu). Similarly in the Bank of India P.O.Exam conducted in Jan 2010,around 2500 candidates have been selected throughout the country for interview and more than 700 are from Bihar. (Only 200 from New Delhi and 18 from Tamilnadu). (One can check this from Bank of India website-Recruitments).

New Delhi has many famous IAS Coaching centres and students from all over India take money from their parents,stay in New Delhi for 3 to 4 months,study rigorously for IAS and write IAS and Bank exams and yet the number of candidates selected from New Delhi is much less than that from Patna in many Bank exams.

However,in the Reserve Bank of India Staff Officer Grade B Phase II exam held on Janaury2 and3,2010,


30 candidates have been selected for Interview from Chennai and only 16 candidates have been selected for Interview from Patna. The highest number of candidates selected for interview is from New Delhi and there is logic in this. (82 candidates)

The reason why many candidates from Patna were not selected in the RBI exam and the reason why the total number of candidates selected from Patna was less as compared to New Delhi and Chennai is because the RBI exam Phase II was conducted only in RBI offices and not in schools and colleges and therefore Patna Candidates would not have been able to copy or get extra time,due to strict supervision by RBI officials.

In the RBI Staff Officer Grade B Phase I Objective Type Exams conducted on October 11,2009, 380 candidates were selected for Phase II from New Delhi and only 160 candidates from Patna were selected. Chennai-around 100. This exam was conducted in many schools in Patna and therefore in some class rooms,copying might have been possible but the ratio for Bihar was not that high as for other bank exams and the number of successful candidates from Bihar in Phase I –objective type-Exam of RBI was less than half as compared to that from New Delhi.

Even in the case of the selection of P.O.s in Punjab National Bank (PNB) (the second largest bank in the country,after State Bank),the P.Os selected from Bihar was neglible. This is because PNB conducted Tier II Exams only in Chennai,Mumbai,Calcutta and New Delhi and Bihar centre was not there.


When Bihar candidates are unable to overtake New Delhi candidates in RBI,PNB exams (The Exam pattern of RBI Phase I ,PNB and all other Banks are same),how then in Bank of India,Central Bank of India,IOB Bank exams,Patna candidates are able to outsmart New Delhi candidates. ? This is because when exams are conducted in schools and colleges in Patna,atleast in some centres mass copying is very easy or giving extra time is easy. In each and every room in the schools/colleges,bank officials cannot be there and in those rooms where only school teachers are invigilating,it becomes easier for Bihar candidates to do mass copying.

In other words,Bihar students are unable to do well when the exam is conducted in RBI offices (Patna -16 candidates selected.Chennai-30 NewDelhi -82) or when the exam is not conducted in Bihar. But in all other cases,they get selected easily due to mass copying or otherwise.

All are working hard to clear the exams. people who read this article try to save our Banking sector and the country by doing something about the malpractices being done in Bihar.



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