What is a paypal account?

Paypal account is to do Money transaction through Internet.

Paypal provide service of Money transfer In Internet instead of using cash or cheques.

When we buy any product online paypal serve us instantly to the monetary transaction so that you can get your product as soon as possible.

Why we need verified paypal account?

As paypal is an online service so they have set some limitation for unverified members like withdrawing limit ,money transferring limit etc.

So it is important to verify your paypal account.

How can you verify your paypal account?

There are two methods to get verified your paypal account.

1-Link your credit card

After registering in paypal account you will find a bottom for verifying your account you can link your credit card there like your card issue date,card expire date, ccv number, name on card etc then after verifying they will deduct $1.96 from your credit card.

When your next month payment bill come you will find a 4 digit number from paypal in your bill which you have to use in your paypal account to get verified and get return of $1.96 which was deducted at the time of linking your card.

Now your account is verified you can withdraw unlimited amount from your paypal to your bank account or get paid through cehque.

2-Link your debit card

Who does not have credit card they can verify there paypal account through there debit card also.

They have to ink there debit card then paypal will deposit two small amount in your bank account may be Rs1.13 and Rs2.34

and after a week check your bank account and post the exact amount in your paypal which you have received to get verify your paypal account

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