How easy to make your site to Google's homepage has the following three paragraphs we will discuss. About how to prove that someone is not as hard to believe you. In fact, you can do With yourself if you can follow what is presented here again and again. At that time, tell yourself Arts degree.

1 internal linking: Make sure you have relevant anchor text links to a 100,000 Get RSS feeds related to your keywords in your website. Keywords are related. Your box to your site tag head, niche and keywords should be in total harmony For example, if you have a web page. Is all about "men" the anchor text "men" on another page of the site. This allows your website. Is relevant to Google and warrant that you will appear on the first page, even not the first in the list.

2 This is an external link. Links from other sites point to your own. It is very important. But it can take longer. To get a link to this as The general called to other blogs and some comments after reading them. Of course, you will leave the links. Your signature box to help those who are interested visit my blog you But make sure that the blog is not visited 'no follow' Blog. You can also leave a signature. Your reply or create multiple sites and link together or create a profile. In high-traffic sites, etc..

3 load your home page with all keywords: mean flood your home page with keywords that are important in another page of the web site it is like a summary of the other pages on your homepage.

4 Distribution Article: This can not be overemphasized. To have your site appear before Google just make sure that the name On the content of your article and resource box with your keywords you want. The page will be ranked. This means that if you must. The pages in the high-ranking keywords "winter women 'wear, as well as the same word. Name the anchor text of outgoing links and the resource box of the page.

5 Site Updates evenly: the need to update your website or blog with articles on a regular basis. With your niche. This store spider tool Search Back to index your site regularly as well. Therefore, planning should precede Page to your blog that you will not be short of material or to post comments. Generally takes 1-2 days for your site to a page then it will go down the list as a search engine bot to the actual value of To be on the front page Real secret is to add more links, and update your page may be in daily life.

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