My friends I am sarkar and still I am making money from online jobs. I have been earning for 4 years from various types online jobs. Now I will show you how to make money in online .First you have to know the right way which is very easy to follow .First you will need an internet connection and some basic ideas in internet and you have the potentiality .There are some various types of online jobs that can be easily perform by everyone with a little effort.
The online real jobs that can bring you money easily are affiliate marketing, adsense advertising, yahoo publisher network advertising, content writing jobs.
Affiliate marketing- Affiliate marketing now one of the biggest money making source. For this purpose there are some well known companies like amazon.com, ebay.com, clickbank.com .These companies have their own products and you have to refer the visitors to their websites from your website. If the referred visitor will purchase any products then you will surely get money as commission .If you refer more then you will get more money.
Adsense advertising-Adsense is an advertising program of Google. Different companies give their add to Google and you can display these add to your website .In anyone interested about the add and click the add the you will get some commission .But remember you are not allowed to click your own website add. If will click your own add then Google will terminate your account and in that case you cannot revive your account again.
Yahoo publisher network-It is also an advertising program but it is a project of yahoo. Here you can make money like as adsense.
Content writing jobs-Now the day you can make money by writing some various types of contents like biography, news, poem, traveling experience, science projects etc. Associatedcontent.com is the best organization about content writing job. They provides content writing job. They will pay $2 - $15 as upfront payment and $1.5 for per 1000 page preview. Here has no limits for earning money .You can write unlimited numbers of contents per day .If the meaning of content and the arrangement of the words are beautifully done then you can making more .Here you should remember that you cannot copy content from another websites or and books .If you will do this then the company will trace and find from where you copied the content. After that they will not publish your content and cannot get any money.
How to get traffic?
To get visitors first you should know about seo(search engine optimization) which is the important thing about promoting of sites. Then you have to post your links to different blogs and forums.
SEO- Millions and millions websites are in the internet world .So you cannot get popularity without competition. We can define seo as a way of competition .Seo depends on the sentences, words management and the meaning. If you want to learn seo then you have to study about
search engine.
Scam-Before joining any program you should know about the previous history of the company and check is it fraud or not. But Google adsense ,amazon.com ,ebay.com,clickbank.com ,yahoo publisher network ,Associatedcontent.com are the faithful company ever...

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