Free money, who would not? In times of financial trouble is to many a person has more than welcome. On the internet are plenty of opportunities to find a quick buck. Fast money is something typical of this time and in many places to find. But one of the richest men in the world, multi-billionaire Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates makes it easy. Bill Gates gives away free money. All its assets. At least that's what a notorious e-mail is believing.

Earn money

When it comes to money, people often want quick money and preferably a lot. On the internet those options sure. Think of homework or filling out surveys. Even playing games like poker and might help get some money dragging. Not surprising that people who get mail from Bill Gates to respond directly there and do what is in the instructions. And that is a very big mistake ...

Fortune divide

Inner circles mail circulating recently back in full the message titled: "Well Forward! Bill Gates divides his money. "Of these different versions in circulation, but the message starts with the following - or similar - text:
Dear friends, please see this post as a joke.
Bill Gates is really busy sharing his fortune. If you ignore this message you it later was. sorry.

Free money

The mail is to ask the reader to send the message to everyone in their contact list, because each person will be paid up to $ 245 by Mr. Gates. If that was not enough, you're also rewarded for all the times your contacts send the mail again, with $ 243 per person and in a next round with another $ 241 per person. Whom more than one hundred contacts in his list are, can already count on $ 24.500. And that's not even about the next two rounds.

Unfortunately. For the gullible among us, this email is a well-known hoax. Either a chain letter. A joke that seems harmless, but actually dangerous. Because bear in mind that the mail the whole world about a time and tens to hundreds of e-mail addresses to be added. Addresses for all to see, even for malicious people. That way the chances are that spam in your mailbox appear.

Still trying?

Most likely not want to actually run a fortune to go wrong, just that simple arithmetic shows that this really is a hoax, internetoplichterij. If Bill Gates really was planning to give away free money, it comes down to his ability - several billion - in no time would be lost. Note the following calculation:

If we assume that the chain mail is forwarded, there is a total of $ 729 in order, ie the money of round 1 ($ 245), round 2 ($ 243) and Round 3 ($ 241) are added together. 100 people in a mailing list is feasible, but in some cases much. If we choose an average of 40 people, we arrive at the following equation: 40 x $ 729 = $ 29.160.

If ten percent of the Dutch participating this - which only a small proportion compared to the rest of the world - would have a total of $ 1,166,400,000 to be paid for only the Netherlands. Bill Gates has a lot of money - tens of billions, but this way he is of course right through it.

It gets worse ...

Because many people still to risk free and want to earn lots of money because they need it and in a workmanlike manner misled, they still often in action and send the mail - in confidence - by. In fact the message was also read that a few days after the call will be recorded. In some cases there advantage of by nefarious organizations, unsuspecting people this way cajoling credit card and banking details, ostensibly to make deposits. With all its consequences.


Those who have no confidence in the above message, it can always try. But remember one thing: free money to do very few people. And ... a forewarned is forearmed.

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