A private lease car sounds very appealing. Tanks have free, unlimited mileage and even the cost of maintenance and necessary repairs are suddenly no longer at your expense. But is this really true? What is included in the lease rate? How much does a car lease you getting on an excess and taxable income? Where are all those costs depend on? And how do you calculate the costs for a private company car or company car?

What is being paid to cost you a contract for leasing a car?

In the lease contract are both in a private car leasing business as a lease already included:

* The costs for depreciation of the leased car

* Maintenance and repairs

* Fuel consumption in the Netherlands

* Auto Insurance

* Road Tax

* Road assistance and alternative transport

What are the costs of leasing a car?

The cost of leasing a car include:

Own contribution: The employer determines the amount of lease you get and what budget you have per month to pay contribution

Addition: The taxable income of a company car depends on your income, the catalog value of the leased car, the pollution (CO2) the car is and how old the car.

Fuel: Generally, all costs for gasoline, diesel and LPG reimbursed but only in the Netherlands. When you go abroad by car heading and still you pay to fill up on fuel.

Not reimbursed: Also parking, car washing, parking fines, speeding and costs for tolls and / or ferry are not included in the fees.

What are the costs of private lease?

If you are a private car leases, there is no question of a contribution, because you must initiate the entire lease contract to pay. Furthermore, the conditions exactly the same as a company car. In the lease contract costs for depreciation, maintenance and repairs already provided as road tax and insurance.

You may still opt for a lease contract with and without fuel, depending on how you ride on an annual basis. Also, when choosing a private lease energy-efficient car is relatively more important, because the taxable income of a "clean car" is relatively low and the road tax reduced or even non-existent in this case.

How do you calculate the cost of a car lease?

* The cost of leasing a car you can easily calculate different websites. It helps to advance the following questions before you get started with the available online tools:

* What is the list price of the car lease?

* What is the percentage addition of the car (14% for highly efficient, saving 20% and 25% for normal cars)?

* What is your gross annual income?

* What is your gross annual income from the taxable income?

* Lease privately or through your case?

* What is the leasing budget of your employer?

* What is your contribution per month?

* Pay your own fuel at home and / or abroad?

* Which car costs are not reimbursed by the employer?

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