A dying company is like a sinking ship and the blame game starts even before trying to save it. To be in a sinking ship is a perilous situation and one ought to put cautious moves into application to survive. In such a company the company that you keep may attempt leg pulling, diplomacy,prejudice, bias,flattery and influence to derail you from the right track. So one has to be radar-alert and gun-ready in such a bad weather. Following are some habitual techniques which make you immune to the circumstances and see you through any viral attacks on your career:

1. Be a Master of your Zone: Establish yourself in such a position that the entire working infrastructure depends on you and you become indispensable. This requires knowledge, field expertise and communication skills.

2.Do not Take Unnecessary Responsibilities: Generally in a sinking company, the job periphery is not  well defined and transfer of onus becomes a habit with the  slackers. So beware of this class and also outsmart such people  to not accept any undue responsibilities.

3.Complete Your Tasks in Time: It is of utmost importance that you complete your assignments in time. This prevents any wrong signals from reaching the top rungs of management. Thus  deceleration of any type in the company cannot be heaped on to you.

4. Follow the Mission and Vision of the Company: In many a case your local management issues instructions which lack vision and do not conform to the reformative measures being adapted by the company. In such a scenario one should consult the management frequently and carry out the orders only after complete analysis. At times you may have to convince the management about the redundancy and worthlessness of the orders.

5. Beware of the Office Politics: Though it is not healthy for a diligent and honest worker to involve in the office politics yet in a company where the dangers of extinction and lay-offs are lurking you must be aware of the artful dodgers. For this, always stay close to the management and do not let any communication gap to arise. So the boss gets to know others from you and not you from others.

6. Remain Connected to the Learning and Conscious class: A company may be on the verge of disaster but there are still people who have the talent and necessary strength and stamina to save it. This is a class with intellect required to feed ideas and innovations at the right point and hunger needed for learning new things with every experience. So the advice here is to remain connected to this class. Who knows, you may be a part of the team which will later be termed as “THE SAVIOURS”.

7.Do not Get into Unnecessary Arguments and Gossips: Unnecessary arguments will kill your time and will not allow you to stream line your efforts for the company. Due to availability of only limited hours of work in the firm it is very important not to spend one's time in gossips, criticisms and things not pertaining to the targeted works. Such seriousness in attitude about the work will not allow the couch potatoes to congregate around you.

8. Keep an Eye on the Balance Sheet of the Company: In an environment of lurking dangers one needs to be intuitive and for this you must read between the lines of quarterly financial statements of the company.

9. Read into the Views of External SourcesLlike Media, Public opinions etc. About the Company: It is very important to read and respect the views of public, news papers, local media outlets and other companies about your company. It infact lets you know about the image of your company which has a crucial effect on the survival of the company.

10.Be Among the First Rats to Desert the Ship: It is often said that rats first desert a sinking ship. If you have a gut feeling that the ship is definitely going to submerge, then be among the first rats to desert the ship. It will give you time to join other ventures and moreover the flop captains will not find time to lay traps for you.

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