"How do you sell your ebook online?" This is the question that many people make me. When I'm on a bunch of friends and I mention that I earn money with e-books, they do not understand how this is possible. It's easy for them to understand how you can earn money teaching courses for a group of 10 or 20 people, but they do not understand how you can make money by distributing a PDF file. First I explain that not seeing a single PDF file, I sell information. And information is the item most in demand by Internet users, and despite the large amount of information available, it is not easy to get quality information - that really solves their problems satisfactorily.

Almost anyone with a certain ability to put ideas on paper and has expertise in some area is empowered to create an e-book. The tools are already available - and many of them free. Just be comfortable and start acting. Your e-book will not be ready if you do not sit at the computer and start writing.

But ultimately, how they sell e-books over the Internet?

All you need is just 3 easy steps:

1. Get a web address (URL)

First you need to register a domain for your site, where you will sell your e-book. I like working with mini-sites, with only three pages, which are easy to build and maintain, and sell very well, as a mini site - is usually designed to sell only one product - your e-book! The important thing is that the URL contains 2 or 3 keywords that are important to identify the topic / niche treaty in their e-book.

2. Define a gateway payment

To sell more, you need to provide secure payment transactions on your site. And the solution for the small system is to choose a third-party payment - PayPal or payment as Digital, providing all the security infrastructure required, without charging a fortune for it. You can register for free on these systems and only pay a small fee when you make a sale.

3. Deliver the e-Book as PDF file

The most common form of delivery of the eBook is to PDF file. Customers pay online to buy my e-Book. They use both your credit card or debit card. When the customer the actual payment, the payment gateway identifies the transaction and "warn" my site approval, and delivery is done automatically - via e-mail. In other words, the client accesses the site, decided to buy my e-book, make payment and receive the email to download the product - all on autopilot. This is one of the best things about selling digital products on the Internet: I do not need to pack and ship the product to the post office and not have extra expenses of freight - and best of all, no need to replenish inventory, because digital products can be replicated indefinitely.

Once everything is online, configured and tested, the rest is marketing ... It is working to drive traffic to your offer, using techniques already known to spread your link to directories of articles (as I'm doing now), social networking, directory links, post to your blog (if you have one) participate in forums, commenting on blogs, etc.. This is work that never stops.

But best of all is that once configured, your mini sales site for your e-book need little or no maintenance. He can send money any time of day, 7 days a week, whether you are connected to the computer or not.

If you are interested in the possibilities of earning extra money over the Internet by creating and selling their own e-books, then you should evaluate the possibility to acquire my e-book that teaches step-by-step how to build a business to sell products Digital on the Internet.

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