Banking jobs have always been the choice of all the parents and students ever since these white collor profile came into existence. Students of current genration are showing lot of interest in banking jobs. Students from cross section of educational field for example BBA, MBA, PGDBM, B.Com, M.Com, BA Economics, MA Economics, Chartered Accountants, Law graduates and Engineers, Company Secretaries and even students pursuing graduation or post graduation in any stream, are showing intense flair for these jobs. These differently skilled resources apply for different kind of vacancies emerging out of banking industries suiting there needs and there education. Banking jobs can be broadly catogrised in two groups : Private sector Banking Jobs  Private sector banks including well established and prominent india banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and some foreign banks like HSBC (Hongkong and Sanghai Banking Corporation), ABN Amro (Now taken over by Royal Bank of Scotland), Standard Chartered Bank, City Bank, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank etc publish their advertisement mostly in Times of India (Ascent) or Econominc Times but do not post their advertisement mostly in employment news which most of the job seekers especially from tier II and tier III cities go through. These banks majorly depend on Job consultants who arrange for the interested candidates with desired qualification as expressed by the bank in lieu of hansome commission on the final selection.

Apart from the above two, the third and one of the strongest source throgh which these banks communicate their requirements (Vacancy) is there official website.They render the option of submitting your detailed Curriculam Vitae (CV) or resume in their career section which is a closed ended process. After the window closes, they actively go through all the CVs and call the shortlisted candidates for further round of selection process. Job sites like, Monster, Shine etc are also strong and reliable source through which they manage to get capable candidates. At the entry level of sales profile, the selection process is very fast and many candidates are selected in a day and the offer letters are even issued the next day if not the same day, after due scrutinisation of academic certificates and the experience testimonials. For entry level in operations (Executives and Assistant Managers), have to appear for a basic written test comprising of Aptitude test, English, Maths and current affairs followed by the rounds of General Discussion (GD) and Interview. After selection process is over, it takes another 5-10 days for the Human Resource department to shortlist the right candidate for the right profile and if required, they are also called for one HR round or negotiation round in which their final compensation and place of posting is decided. Now a days, private banks have started posting the candidates near their residential address so that one should not waste lots of time in commuting to office.

They take good care of best Work Life Equilibrium of their staff members. For selection in Managerial Cadre and the higher grades of different verticals, widely there is no written test rather the candidates are called from different banks under the condition that they should be working in the same profile. Experience and good rating in present organisation is a must. Mostly they are interviewed one to one to know their leadership capabilities and whether he/she can handle different situations effectively. The interview is followed by one HR or negotiation round for deciding the place of posting and the compensation aspect. Salary negotiation takes place depending on the fact that who is in more need, the employer or the candidate. Public sector Banking Jobs There are 20 nationalised banks like Syndicate Bank, Bank Of India, IDBI Bank, Indian Bank, United Bank, Punjab National Bank,Punjab and Sind Bank to name a few. They broadly publish their advertisement through Employment News (Rojgar Samachar) and also through their official websites.

Different banks have different procedures of recruitment. For clerical level, they invite duly filled in applications with some petty amount of draft ranging from Rs. 100/- to Rs. 400/- , the photograph of the candidate alongwith the photocopy of the testimonials. Then the admit card is sent thereafter the written exam is conducted comprising of Reasoning, Maths , Clerical aptitude and English and finally the shortlisted candidates are called for interview and three to six months down the line the merit list is published again in the Employment News and the offer letter is sent accordingly. For Probationary Officer Level  (PO) recruitment, a written exam is conducted comprising of the Aptitude test, English, Maths and Current affairs followed by rounds of GD and Interviews. Few nationalised banks like IDBI (My current employer) are also taking Probationary Officers through campus Interviews from reputed MBA institutes and universties such Banaras Hindu University etc. For Managers and AGM or they publish the advertisement through Employment News and official websites in which the eligibility criteria and required experience is clearly stated and invite applications in different close ended phases.

The window opens for specified period and eligible candidates are called for interview at specified venue. Shortlisted candidates are asked for appearing in the medical test and finally three to six months down the line offer letter is issued and despatched at the selected candidate's address. My purpose of writing is that I want to help those candidates who are seeking jobs in banking without struggling since I was highly opportuned to work with many good private sector banks like HDFC, Axis and ABN Amro Bank along with Nationalised bank like IDBI Bank ltd. I wanted them to reach their destination without struggling much which I did in the beginning as I was very chosy for my profle and the brand name. I wanted to share my interview experience in order to guide the job seekers so as to sharpen their skills before their interview and make their chances of selection very bright. I will come with all my interview experiences through my oncoming articles in a short while. Till then, please work hard to manage to get as many opportunities as you can. Wish you all the very best of luck. Do get in touch through boddunan to share the co-related issues and advice me also in order to enhance my knowledge level.

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