Selling is an art.If you want to really become a good salesman,then you need to stop selling things and rather should try to sell the solutions. You need to think and discuss the ideas with,as to how to sell solution. The World is growing at arapid speed and in this it becomes difficult to sell things.Still,you have to do something to attract customer. You have to make,the one time buyer to be a customer,who buys your product on regular basis. His necessity should be given first preference,than your necessity.

Lets talk these things in Detail:-

          Assume that you are looking at unknown Customer. Your first thought in your mind,would be how to sell my product to him/her? That Customer also knows that,you are selle and has come to him/her to sell things. So,now what you are going to do? Have a friendship with him/her. Instead of selling things,give him/her the permanent solution. That solution,would be well understood by buying your product and using it. If you become a Solutioner,instead of Selling,then that customer will be attracted towards you.

          Assume that in your client house,there is problem of pests.So,instead of selling Pesticides,give them the permanent solution to solve this problem, Your Pesticides will solve the client problem as well as your problem. If again your cleint,of it client's friend need that pesticides,youe will approached first. Any client,can't get his necessity in first meeting. So,definitely,you will have more and more meeting with cleint and this way relationship with client and seller can increase. So,you should give your service with honesty and this is the trick to attract customer. If the Customer,got that, you are his/her friend,well wisher of yours,the ncustomer will definitely attract towards you. Never try to sell your product,just give solution,and problem will be solved of both. If you client has some,so answer him/her,only if you know the proper solution of it.

          Before going in the meeting with client,be prepared that,you are going to listen,each and every point of your client.Try to understood your client. You can't judge every person in same way as you do with other client. Every Customer,has different- different requirements. Understand the value as well its scenario,before giving solution. If you are in the business,which contains,the things of entertainment,then,you have to look at different Customer,with different thinking. It is not that,if any Custome is rich,then he/she will buy everything. In that Lifestyle ,Interest , Friendship also depends. Always remember in your mind,you didn't need to sell your things,but the lifestyle need to be sold. Sell the Solutions.

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