Earning Money online has become one of the trends for anyone who browses the net. It is in fact the most searched topics over the web. Everyone wants to try their hands in earning some extra bucks through the net. The trend has become so popular that few people have converted it from a part time to a full time job .No doubt the Internet today is a wealth of information. The easiest way to get information about a particular topic is to browse the Internet.


Earning by writing blogs is one of the most lucrative forms of earning money for people who have a flair for writing. In this case there are various options available for writers:

Create your own blogger and website: Opting to create your own blogger/website allows you to mange it the way you want. You could write on a variety of topics or you may choose to write on a specific technology. To start with, it is advisable to sign up either for blogger or word press. Both these site offers you a free website. They have a set of pre-designed template from which you could choose to create a theme. Lot many apps are available to set up the site as per your desire. You could also sign up for Google Ads which is actually the main source of income for your site.312

Writing a hub/lens: This trend has become more popularized. Many of us would not want to have a website/blogger as it is difficult to maintain and run. Instead there are many sites which provide an account to an individual which he needs to maintain and write an article by the name of that account. There are several advantages to it. These sites have a variety of templates to choose from. So you need not worry about the layout of your content You could choose from a variety of modules as needed. The second best advantage is that these sites attract very good traffic, so it is easy for a writer to popularize his content. The only glitch is that these sites share the revenue either on the 60:40 basis or 50:50 basis. But these sites are very good platform for budding writers. Few good sites are Hubpages, Squidoo, Bodunnan, etc.

The good thing about Bodunnan is that they set your earning as per the quality of the article. So a good writer need not worry about the traffic.

However, the main concern for running a blogger/website or a hub/lens successfully is its traffic. No matter if you write quality content, you would not be able to fetch much if you are not able to attract people who would read your content. So here are a few ways in which you could attract the readers:313

Write Quality content: Writing quality contents requires a lot of effort. Choose a topic on which you have enough knowledge to deliver. Spend a good amount of time researching on the topic you wish to write on. After you have collected enough information, plan the layout of the subject. Determine the sub topics of the subject. Do not begin writing in a haphazard manner. Have a clear idea on what you are presenting before the audience. Try to add all the necessary information for the topic. Always Remember, you would be able to retain audience only if you present quality content to them. This is the first and the most vital step to be taken care of.

Include variety in topics you write: It is good to write on subject that you are expert with. In that case, you share some very valuable information. But in order to attract a mass, it is better to choose a variety of topics for your writing. When your concentration is more about earning money, it is good to focus on audience from all the spheres.

Create Back links: Creating back link means link your topics with similar subject together./ For example, a person who would be interested in reading about” How to Earn money online” would also be interested in knowing about ”SEO techniques”. In that case a person who has written an article on both the topics may link his/her article to one another so that a reader might end up reading both your articles. Who knows if he/she likes your writing pattern, he/she may end up being a regular visitor of your blog/website.315

Advertise your writing through various forums: It is very generic to write on “How to ….” Topics and there are lot of questions in Yahoo and Wiki Answers on the various “How to…” . Post the link of your article on these forums as these sites get a huge traffic from all over the world. In that case you market your content to a large group of audience. No matter, even if you are not writing about, “How to….”, you may still search for articles on the same topic, comment on it and then give a link of your content.

However, here is a word of precautions. Do not to post anything on a site before you have read its content else this will be considered as spamming. You would never want your audience to be same way. Moreover, do not post the link of your content on forums/post which is in no way related to your writing. This again will be considered spamming. For example if an article discusses about “Tourism in India”, it make no sense to post you articles which discusses about “Food Habits in India”. It makes no sense.

Adapt good SEO technique: SEO refers to search engine optimization. In simple words, it refers to using accurate keywords for topic so that when a user types those words, the content should display keeping its relevance intact. The various keywords relates to the headings, the image attribute, the link attribute as well as the content. Most of the websites provide option to insert a tag/meta for you content to enhance the search factor.314

Include your site/blogger to a web directory: A web directory is a directory on the www (World wide web). It categorizes and links your website to other sites. As Google displays a list of web pages based on your search, a web directory displays a list of websites relevant to your search and also based on the category of the website. If you own a site/blogger, advertise them by including them in a web directory. Some web directory services are free which some are chargeable. Choose your options as according to your requirements.




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