Sivakasi is a town in Tamilnadu district, India. Crackers were invented by the Chinese. The designing of fireworks is called as pyrotechnics. Sivakasi also having the another name that is "Kutty Japan". Sivakasi is also famous for creation of matches and also it is famous for offset printings. 

Nowadays, more factories often bursted by the mistake of humans. There was a several fire accidents happened there. Three fire accidents in the year of 2011. Recently a massive accident was happened there, in this accident 60 were killed and 58 peoples were injured. Those who injured are very innocent people who came to help the employees in the factory. The death rate was so high because the continuous explosion of the crackers stored in the Godown. 

The owner of the factory was arrested for not following the fire factory norms and fire factory rules. Everybody have the question in mind was how the factory got the license for producing crackers without following the rules and norms. Safety measures also not followed by the factory. Those who issued a license is one of the responsible for this incident. 

Workarea should be open space for cracker factory. A 3mm rubber sheet also required. We should put the rubber sheets on the workarea. The workers of the factory should be technically qualified. They should know all the safety and preventive meausres. The crackers should be stored in the very near Godowns. But several factories not following the basic rules and norms, which is the reason for those accidents. 

Chemicals used for Creating Crackers

  • Pottasium Nitrate
  • Pottasium Chlorate
  • Sulphur
  • Charcoal

Pottasium Nitrate is a oxidizing agent and we should handle with care. How to avoid these type of explosions? It is very easy. All employees should learn the safety and preventive measures and should also know about the facilities in the factory. Government employees also should carefull when giving license to the factories.

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