Internet had opened many doors for people who would like to work from the comfort of their homes. We all had at least tried once to earn some money through online but most most of us might have failed miserably. Earning money online depends on many factors. The most important factor is to find out whether a website is genuine or fake. There are many ways to earn money online depending on your ability and the time you can spend. We need to have patience because online earning is not a "Get-rich-quick scheme." In this article I will give you a brief explanation about some simple ways of earning money online.

Before registering with any website, you have to check whether it is genuine or not.

There are different types of websites for earning money depending on their nature.

1. Earning Money Through Google AdSense

This is the most genuine way of earning money online. To earn a good monthly income from Adsense, you need to have a very powerful blog with rich contents and a good SEO. You should also follow the policies of Adsense. Try to generate maximum traffic with your skills and the main to follow is don't do some fraud which can lead to banning of your account for lifetime. So be careful because you will not be allowed to open a new Adsense account in your lifetime, no matter what you do.

2. Earning Money Through Survey.

This is the most efficient way of earning money online. It is free and you don't any special skills to do this job. You just have to answer some questions based upon your topics of interest. The topics may be related to technology, environment, shopping and matters related to our day to day activities. Most of  these sites pay in cash but some of them pay in points, which you can convert for a gift voucher. Your answers will be confidential and your earning depends on the length and content of a survey.

3. Earning Money Through Article Writing

If you have some unique ideas and excellent writing skills, then article writing is the best possible way to earn some money online. There are many websites which will pay you a good reward for your unique articles. Don't try to copy contents from any other site. Try to write about the latest hot topics which will generate more visitors for your article. There is no limit in earning money by writing articles.

4. Earning Money Through Paid To Click (PTC) Sites

This is the most simplest way of earning money online. You just have to click on some advertisements which are provided to you. There are many PTC sites which are scam, so the first thing to do is find a genuine PTC site. After you have registered with a PTC site, don't forget to login daily to check your ads. You can also earn by referring your friends.

5. Earning Money Through Paid To Read (PTR) Sites

These websites are also like PTC sites. They will send you emails of advertisers websites, which you have to watch. By reading ads you can earn a good amount in few months.

6. Earning Money Through Crowdsourcing Websites

There are many crowdsourcing and freelancing websites from which you can earn a decent monthly income. They contain complex tasks as well as simple tasks. You can earn simply earn $100 from web designing and graphic designing. If you don't have these skills then also you can earn a minimum $10/hour by doing simple sign up, copy paste, search word and other kinds of related tasks.

7. Earning Money Through Captcha Typing 

There are a few genuine websites which will pay you for captcha tying. If you have good typing skills, then you can earn handsomely from captcha typing. 

9. Earning Money Through Reading SMS's

In this type of job you don't need any skills. You have to register your mobile phone number with such sites and they will pay for receiving SMS's. The SMS's are really ads from advertisers. You can also earn from referring friends.

10. Earning Money Through Gigs

A gig means any task which someone will do for you for a fixed amount of $5, for example, "I will draw anything you want in my style for $5." If you have different skills, then gigs are the best way to earn money online. The main advantage of this job is you can post a gig about anything including some bizarre ideas.

11. Earning Money Through Your Photo

If you love photography then you can earn a lot of money through stock photography websites. There is a huge demand for unique pictures and you will be paid for your photos which you share on these websites.

12. Earning Money Through Social Media Sites

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are huge platforms for advertisers to market their products. Advertisers use your Twitter account as a medium for sending a tweet of their choice to your followers, for which you will get paid. You can earn a good amount by roping you Twitter account with a genuine advertising website.

These are the genuine and legal ways of earning money online and if you have patience then you can earn a decent monthly income.

The image used in this article is taken from Wikimedia.

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