I remember that in the past no one was more interested in online shopping for many reasons. Even I and my family had never gone for any kind of online shopping in the past. Honestly speaking most of the people were seeing online shopping as fake and fraud thing. But things have got changed now, now people see this thing as an alternative of offline shopping. And online shopping is useful and profitable thing now in many ways. So why not take advantage.

In the past there were many reasons because of that people was having some doubt for going for online shopping. But now they have all clear. Let’s see what the doubts they were having and how they are cleared now.

Advance Payment: In the past people were not willing to pay money before getting the item. Well this is an obvious thing nobody feels secure in paying money in advance for getting any kind of product. But now things have been changed after most of the sites have introduced the cash on delivery option.  With cash on delivery option customer can easily get their products without giving any advance payment. As per new scheme they can pay the cash when they are receiving the delivery of the product they purchased. So this fear has gone completely now.

Payment option: Before we were having many limited payment options for such kind of shopping. In the past many sites was only using the credit card option for paying purpose. Now many people don’t feel good in using the credit card like this. And honestly not all people used to have credit card. And because of that they didn’t able to go for online shopping even if they were interested. But now things have got changed in this section too. Now we have many payment options like cash on delivery, net banking, debit card, Paypal kind of payment processors etc. So now anyone can go for online shopping without any issue related to payment option. 

Extra payment in shipping: In past those sites were not having free shipping kind of system. Users have to bare those extra shipping charging on whatever purchase. But now we are having free shipping option in almost all sites. Now sites are offering free shipping for all products if its price range is equal or higher their decided amount. So now customers don’t have to pay extra amount on shipping. They only have to pay for the product which they have selected.

Lack of Customer support and management: In any kind of business good customer service and management is very important thing. But in past both were missing in online shopping section. Well, I don’t know much about it but as compare to current management in past it was surely dull. Right now almost all sites are having very good support and management. Whenever you place the order online you will immediately get the delivery date with it too with all kind of sms service. And they are surely so promising that they do deliver the product on exact date what they have given to customer. So by seeing all these things it is obvious that customer feel relax and safe. So now this thing is also get completely change in online shopping section.

Replace offer for damage product: In past they were missing this important option. And because of the same customer always was in fear that what if they got the damage piece by spending money in advance. But now things have changed in this section too. Now you can easily replace your product if it came with any damage. No need to bear such problems for customer. As I said above that they are having good management and customer support so with that anyone can easily contact them and can replace their damaged piece which is rare thing.

Fear of Scam sites: In the past there were not more genuine sites. So people was feeling worried for getting scam for such kind of shopping. So that’s why they were used to give more preference to offline shopping in compare of online shopping. In fact online shopping was getting rare customers because of this in the past. But now things have been changed. Now we are having lots of honest and genuine sites like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Junglee and many more. And now people can go for shopping with these sites without any kind of fear of fraud and all that. These sites are quite genuine and promising for what they say.

Seeing the product before purchasing: Well, this thing is still haven’t introduced in this period properly and in all sites. But it was nowhere in the past. But now some sites offer such kind of thing. Now user can check out the product like clothes material and all that before purchasing it. I don’t know how they are managing it but I have seen ads related to this stuff and now it is possible. And this can get adopted by all the sites in the future which can change the whole view of online shopping.

Good deals with extra benefit: In past online shopping were surely missing marketing funda. But these days all of the companies are having really good marketing skills. They surely know how to attract to customer towards them. They offer some attractive offers and deals which is really attractive and cheaper in compare of offline shopping so that customer can’t ignore them. And with that they always used to give some extra shopping gift coupons to attract and satisfy their customer even more. So sometime we can have benefit in all the ways by choosing online shopping instead of offline shopping. So this is another advantage going for online shopping. 

So this is it. By all those above reasons you can easily say that online shopping is at now totally different level. Now they have much more potential in compare of past. Now they are safe and profitable in compare of past. And honestly now there is no risk involved in going for online shopping. You can easily go for it without any problem and in the end it will be even more profitable than the offline shopping. And with cash on delivery option there is no pressure on you at all. Have fun.

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