Problems are an imminent fact of life, no matter what kind of situation you are in. In a business scenario, entrepreneurs or start-up founders may come across various problems that would require apt resolutions to settle their initiatives the best way. Simply avoiding a problem would not be a wise decision in such instances. Irrespective of the severity of problems, it is important for entrepreneurs to take wise steps to make a stance in today's competitive world. Problem-solving skills is considered one of the key characteristics of successful people. The right skill sets in entrepreneurs can help in expanding the scope of initiatives and bringing success in their life. This article talks about some key steps and approaches entrepreneurs can follow for effective problem solving.

Key steps to Effective Problem Solving

Problems with entrepreneurship have ruined many start-up businesses. The impact of problems can not only let you down but also stop you from new initiatives. Therefore, successful people believe in the saying:

No Problems, No Business!

Define the problem statement as clearly as possible

When you come across a problem, the first wise step is to define the situation the best way so that you understand what is the actual problem. When you define the problem taking quality time, you would understand how severe the problems is and how much impact it may have on you or your business.

Figure out hidden opportunities in your problem

A problem is a barrier that you can cross in many ways. Some problems are really good if you can see the opportunities beyond them. In a business scenario, many problems usually are a trigger to new opportunities or new ways of taking things further. So, find the opportunities in the problems and feel positive.

Identify what part of the problem matters to you the most

Problems are not the end of your initiative. Every problem may have different perspectives and not all that is in the problem with bother you. So, analyze the problem to derive what perspectives are associated with it. For example, if the "quality of your business is low", the perspective might be that "the business lacks clarity" or "the people working with you do not have enough knowledge." So, identifying the perspectives of the problem will help you to come out with the right approaches for a suitable resolution.

Investigate the root cause for your problem

The most critical step in effective problem solving is to identify the root cause of your problem. Many entrepreneurs do not grow well with their initiatives because they fail to identify the root cause to their problems. Therefore, you must brainstorm hard to find the right cause and avoid the risks of facing the same problem time and again.

Define different feasible solutions to your problem

This is yet another critical step to effective problem solving. A solution to a problem can have different approaches depending on the scenario. Further, to find a complete solution, you may need to take more than one corrective actions. For example, to improve "quality of your business", you may need to look into "training your employees," "monitoring their competencies and growth," "streamlining processes," and so on.

Prioritize your corrective actions

Once you have defined the different actions you need to take for resolving a problems, it becomes vital to prioritize them. Remember that a great solution that takes too much time in implementation is less effective than a small step that is less time-consuming in fixing parts of your problem. So, prioritize your actions for the problem based on their impact and requirement. 

Assign solution tasks to the best

A solution to a problem may require you to take several steps; however, in certain cases, you may not be able to implement all of them by yourself. If you are working with a few other people, then it is likely that to execute a given step, there would be a most potential among you. Therefore, it is wise to consider sharing your task to the right person for proper implementation.

Monitor the progress of your problem and solution

Simply implementing actions to eliminate a problem does not solves the problem completely. You must be able to monitor the progress at each stage of implementation, so that you are aware what is going fine and where you need to tweak the executions. A proper tracking or monitoring of the progress by applying the solution to your problem is equally important to ensure the problem is solved effectively.


Effective problem-solving skills is a prerequisite for any entrepreneurs to be successful in life. Patience, understanding, trust, and acceptance of the situation are the major factors to developing such skills. Not everyone is capable of solving problems to the best, although there is no measure how well you solved the problem. However, an organized approach towards solving problems is a ongoing milestone for entrepreneurs and start-up founders to be able to established themselves as successful role models.

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