Will it end the terror?

Why is that all the activity begins when something happens in western world and why don't they wake up while attacks with more intensity hit the third world countries? They go dropping bombs, destroying buildings, killing people at their will but a country like India is not allowed to do the same on obvious enemy targets. The way they are fighting with terrorism nothing will not end change. I guess more of terrorist groups will replace the one which will disappear in such reckless attacks. The terrorists have nothing to lose. In fact, the dreaded terror group IS has begun to retaliate against the western world with added fire. They have been in the process of recruiting Jehadis from their targeted countries constantly.

Don’t you think if all the innocent people killed in Africa and Asia will shout at the top of their voices ask a simple questions from the western leaders, ‘what were you doing when we were being killed or do you think that your blood is more red than ours?’, but they the thousands in number are dead so no one will come and ask such questions. The almighty rulers in of the western world can analyze the situation as per their own convenience because they are in a situation of being able to proceed with everything without any obvious difficulty.

Trust me I am not in favor of any kind of terrorism or atrocities on the innocents, this side or that side but why they do not see the realty? I don’t see any immediate danger against India or in near future although we are on the hit list of this terror group and are part of their map which they intend to capture in the first phase but they are not much bothered about India or recruiting jehadis in/from India in obvious manner.  

Maybe the IS leaders do not have much hopes from Indian Muslims or the process is too slow to be noticed for the time being but who knows! The IS certainly has the plans as their maps clearly show India as their territory in future. The IS leaders consider Indians especially Hindus as their enemies categorizing them as criminals who commit atrocities against Muslims including murders, rape, burning, looting of property, cutting limbs of Muslims and keeping Muslims in jails for no reasons. And the worst of all they consider all non-Muslims are worth killing. 

Terrorism is the biggest challenge for the world

As I have already said I am not a resist and I very much trust in equality among all the people in the world with a clear understanding that none is superior or inferior as long he is not against the humanity. But at this point I am feeling somewhat astounded and beginning to believe that both the sides are not thinking in right direction but heading towards ‘clashes of the civilizations’. I have many stats to prove which should prove my points beyond any doubts.

If you go through the global terrorism index-2015, it will clearly show you the picture with close to 13,500 incidents in the world which were 35% more than such incidents in 2013. The most people died in these attacks were from Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan which accounted for almost 80% of the total dead in the entire world. India surprisingly stood at 6th spot where 416 people lost their lives in terror related activities.

!3/11 V/S 26/11

There is so much hue and cry about 13/11 in Paris which left 130 people killed and almost all so-called superpowers worth their name in the world are out to destroy Baghdadi and his terrorist outfit called IS which is fine by all means but India faced similar or even worse attack better known as 26/11 that left almost 170 people killed and lot many injured but then no country came forward or tried to impose a ban on Pakistan. Mumbai is waiting to see the designer of that attack Hafiz Saeed living a public life in Pakistan under the protection of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. The only action taken against him is that the USA has declared a prize amounting to $10 million and the matter ends there. Everyone knows that he is living there a lavishly life with all the facilities but no one is interested to catch him. 

India is not allowed to take any action against her enemies like Dawood Ibrahim and Hafiz Saeed as the international society feels that will be against the international rules. I wonder where the rules have gone now or the rules are applicable on weaker countries only? Indian foreign ministry has provided concrete proofs of residence and other activities of Dawwod and Saeed to Pakistani and other international agencies but they are least bothered taking any action against any of these international criminals but the way the action is going on against Paris culprits it should be an eye opener for third world countries and they should come on one common platform immediately. Look at the difference on two similar incidents, the culprits of 26/11 are enjoying their activities and Russia, America, France at war with 13/11 attackers with all their destructive power.

Will the western world succeed?

There not many takers in the theory that such attacks on terrorist centers will make any difference in the long run rather these attacks will intensify the terrorist groups and their activities instead. What happened after the use fought a long war in Afghanistan or what was the result once the Saddam was killed which was in fact a false alarm and which brought lots of intricate situations for the world. The USA and other developed nations kept bombing and shooting for years on terrorists and civilians which were unintentionally hit in the war against terror but these killings created a lot of anger in locals especially the innocent ones who paid a price for none of their faults.  That also generated a state of hate in the minds of some Muslim groups if not all Muslim groups.

Do you remember it was vastly publicized that Obama watched the killing of Osama LIVE on big screen like people watch a cricket match in India. Actually the US wanted to show the world that Obama was leading the operation Osama from the front. There is no doubt about the fact that Osama was one of the biggest terrorist leaders by the time he was killed and we had to believe the propaganda coming from western sources the terror should have ended at that point but it did not. In fact people like Al Baghdadi have taken the war from that point with additional force and attacking the world with increased intensity. 

Al Baghdadi has gone a step further compared to Osama who used to operate from a hidden den but Baghdadi has declared himself a Khalifa who works openly like a king and has plans to extend his kingdom according to well planned programs. Even if the western forces succeed to kill him he will be succeeded by another leader of the group just like the leader of a Caliphate (same as Khalifa). You can compare this with the incident of Bhinderwala killing during the Golden temple incident which is like martyrdom in the name of god and the person thus killed is revered by his followers. A sect tries to follow his steps and appeals to others to follow him too. 

The fight and the reasons

There are certain reasons present in the society which provides purposes to such a mentality that leads to development of terrorism. Different societies consider different reasons for development of terrorist mentality but as far western world is concerned they considered Al Kaida as their biggest enemy now that Al Baghdadi has replaced Osama as these two have challenged the power of west entering in their own domain an area of territory owned and controlled by superpowers who can drop thousands bomb even if single of their citizen dies but they overlook any or every incident which happens in weaker countries as they feel that all these countries and their poor/uncivilized citizens deserve such treatment. You can check it by a simple survey on reports during the previous and the week after the incident of 13/11 in Paris which is enough to show you the number of people died during this period in terrorist attacks but no Obama, Putin, Cameroon or Putting came forward to save or discuss about them.

No one says IS is not a big terrorist organization at present time but the way bombing is being carried out on Syrian cities and villages is not a war against terror but they are probably finishing their prospective enemies. No western country has started a war against Boko Haram which is probably bigger and more dangerous terror group operating in particular region of Africa but the victims are mostly poor African citizens so it’s easier to overlook them and concentrate on western world. However the fact remains to be seen if the Boko Haram decides to attack a western country or attacks Americans posted in African countries will they tolerate it or retaliate with same or even more intensity?   

There are different reasons which should be kept in mind while making a comparative study on all such matters which involves western world. Most western multinational corporate think that the world is a global village as far their business related activities are concerned. They even demand a tax rebate or free license to work freely but when it comes to killing of innocent citizens of those very countries their governments do not care to speak a single word. And this will prove harmful in the long run for the world community when no third world countries will trust the western world. 

The time is gone when the developed countries, the permanent members of Defense Council will feel that the safety of their citizen is more important than rest of the world they will have to suffer the consequences and they should understand this point earlier than later. There is a saying in my area that if the neighbor’s house is on fire you cannot smoke entering into your own house or even it might get damaged as well. I would like to say with all my sympathies with Paris incident victims that if the western world does not come out of their limited mindset the situation is not going to improve, the terror will not end with the current measures.   

India’s role in fight against terror

There are many reasons India has decided to stay away from the direct action against terrorism and the one that could be the prime reason that India is still looking for the 39 hostages said to be still alive although certain reports and an eye witness from Bangladesh says they were killed long time ago. Besides the disturbing reports that IS is spreading its activities in southern Asia having scores of Afghani people in its ranks especially after the fall of Osama and the reports that such Afghan groups do not take lightly any support to anti IS movement. Maybe India is in no mood to increase their enemies for no specific reasons.

Besides IS has no current plans to intensify its activities in Indian region barring stray incidents of individuals trying to join IS but that is almost in negligible number at least on face value.  There is another factor related to IS that it has shown interest in Pakistan according to ‘Dabiq’ which is the online magazine published every month by the Islamic State of Iraq and which propagates its rules and also the  recruitment opportunities for Muslims all over the world starting July 2014 in different languages including English. According to Dabiq the IS is interested in Pakistan for nuclear bombs and if they succeed to capture those bombs there should be no doubt about the fact that India will be one of the main targets of them. So, for the time being India is keeping a distance from activities against IS but who knows if they join the forces in future.   

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