Recession is Good, how? Every body says it's recession, let's spend less. Before this people earninng Rs.1/- was spending Rs.1.25 or more. It is similar to correction in Share market. It is correction in our life.

I have seen many people reduce their expenses, in fact not reduced only spendings which is required or needed. I will always suggest this even recession is not their.

It teach us, how to leave satisfactory life during recession, same will help us to stay happy in Sad days.

People should travel less, Use electricy as much as required . Eat max Food  at home, instead of Hotels, ( SAve money + Good health,too).

Indian people habits of Saving today helping us to fight against recession. Unlike in USA people are under major debts facing huge problems.

Recession had come and will go , just Happiness and sorrows, I request you all to think while spending money twice.


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