The dream of every webmaster is to get his site within top 10 ranks in search engines. Higher rank means more traffic to the site, which results in huge profit for the site owner. Some basic steps need to be followed in order to achieve a good ranking. Little bit knowledge about HTML and Search engine function can make you a SEO professional.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving volume of traffic to a website from search engines. It is necessary in order to improve ranking in search engine results. Some simple steps are adopted for search engine optimization such as:

1)    Choose a strong domain name for website that describes its purpose and its contents. You can use the keyword tool ( to find the mostly searched keywords in Google.

2)    Repeat the keywords that describe the contents of a webpage several times inside the article.

3)    Use the keywords in body, title and heading elements of the webpage.

4)    Rename pictures, movies, software, documents or any other files, that is to be included in the webpage with those keywords.

5)    For blog, you can also use the keyword tool to find out most popular words, and use them as tags in the blog.

6)     Meta tag must have number of relevant keywords, because many search engines generally rank the page according to the contents of the Meta tag.

7)    Good and fresh content determine a webpage ranking. So update the site regularly to get number of visitors.

8)    Submit the website to different search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and AltaVista.

9)    Build lots of incoming links to each web page. Yahoo answer, Google groups, online communities, and social networking sites are best way to advertise.

10)    Submit the site to article directory like,,, .

11)    Leave comments on popular blogs with a link back to your web site.

12)    Track visitor statistics using Google analytics. It will help to find keywords that users using to reach the site, source of traffic, total number of visitors and most visited web pages. So that you can modify content and keywords to achieve higher rank.

13)    Provide interlinking among web pages of the site. If page A has rank 7.0 and page B having 2.0, then a link from page A to B helps in improving B’s rank.

14)    Don’t give lots of outgoing links to other websites because it only decreases your site ranking.

15)    Bookmark webpage with,, and twitter.

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