With the increasing competition on web the webmasters feel that their ultimate goal is to achieve top position in Google. This is fine until u don’t adopt any unfair means for SEO. Playing any bad tricks can give you high traffic for one month, but remember there is high possibility of your site being banned for ever.

It’s because the search engines are smarter than you and updates their algorithms frequently, also considers different factors to rank pages. Nobody in the world knows how Google’s Page rank algorithm works except its founders. So, if you are using any such tactics then be careful from now and don’t encourage others to use these techniques.

1)    Guarantied Ranking - No one can guarantee Google ranking. If your SEO consultant guarantees you first rank that means he just tricking you. You can only try to optimize and wait for google to rank it higher.

2)    Cloaking - Cloaking is a technique where different content is presented to Search engines and different content to users. This is done by delivering content based on the IP addresses. When a user is identified as a search engine spider, a server-side script delivers a different version of the web page, one that contains content not present on the visible page.
So, cloaking results in deceptive ranking in the search results. That is why all the search engines say "don't cloak" in their Webmaster FAQs.

3)    Link Exchange Programs - This claims to boost your link popularity by linking your page with Web sites that have nothing to do with your content. Initially it may benefit your ranking, but its just matter of time before Search Engines detect it and your site is gone. Search engines have the ways to detect these bad techniques.

4)    Keyword Stuffing - In this technique webmasters try to hide keywords inside page. Like put lots of keywords in white color in white background. Users can’t see these words but Search Engine Crawlers can. So, avoid such bad tricks.

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