These days private banks give lot of facilities, which national banks can only dream of.  Some of the facilities offered by private banks are given below:-

1. Information at the click of a button through Internet banking.  Sitting in the comfort of your chair you can practically do anything  from making online utility payments to booking tickets and buying anything online. You can view your account balance from anywhere at any point of time.  What is more you can convert the statement into any format of your convenience

2. ATMs:- You find a ATM at almost every nook and corner. The machines are so easy to handle that whether it is withdrawing or depositing your money or even placing a request for cheque book, these transactions are executed by sophisticated machines in seconds.

3. You get faster service.  When you call up a customer call executive, you get a very polite yet fast response.  Private banks even offer the luxury of having a executive come to meet you at a place and at a  time convenient to you.

While private banks offer a host of luxuries, yet there is one area where they do not cater to a basic need of ours.  We may be living in 2009  and have access to all facilities, but there is one facility which every one wants a bank pass book.

Advantages of Bank Pass Book:-  A Bank Pass Book anyday is more convenient than a online statement downloaded into any format.  A Bank Pass looks more beautiful is less complicated and easy to carry at any point of time.  You need not search for a Bank Pass Book in such a way you search for your statements generated online whether soft copies or hard copies.  These Bank Pass books  eventhough very informative are still small enough that a few books actually contain data belonging to years and decades.

While private banks have made our lives more easier and comfortable, I hope they seriously look into the possibilities of giving its customers Bank Pass Books.  This make customers lives even more happier and comfortable.






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