As the advertising market on the internet is getting larger and larger day by day many people build blogs ,websites etc so that they can also start making money on the internet but its not easy as all think . many things are required to be known so that one can build a website and start making money.In this article i am going to discuss on that only and this may help out newbies a lot.The following are the neccessary things require to be known to start generating income by making a website

1.CONTENT-  Main thing that is require for a blog or a website to be successful is content. people visit sites again and again according to the content they get from it. the content should be latest and should be regularly updated so that people keep visiting your site .

2.DESIGN- The other main thing that attracts the visitors is design that is the way it looks . a good designed and attractive site will tend the users to come again and again. a design of the site or blog mainly depends on the theme and  colours  used.

3. PROMOTION- There are various ways available to promote a blog or a website. advertising forms the most important part of making a website successful as it drives visitors to a site. Submiting a website or a blog to various search engines forms an important part to get good amount of  visitiors.  Nowadays big websites also use paid advertising to promote their websites. google adwords is one of the popular way to promote a website by paying for it.

4.DISPLAYING THE ADS- - sites earn revenue by placing ads of some companies. these companies pays the site owners according to the number of visitors or the number of clicks they get at their ads shown on a particular site.their are various  companies that are famous and pay. some of them are google adsense, bidvertiser, adbrite,etc.

These are the necessary things to be known if one wants to start earning successfully from a website or a blog,



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