Tips to identify a website that is a SCAM: from my experience is a perfectly organized website. The moderators are active all the time and whenever you contact the site, they reply to you immediately, etc. So compare the other sites with Boddunan to identify a site that is a Scam.

There are Thousands of users affected by a single website that is a Scam.You would be affected by a website that is a Scam especially those paying websites that offer you money for browsing, reading advertisements etc. I fee all the paying websites are scams. seems like the only decent paying site. In spite of this if you want to experiment in joining a paying site, at least follow these basic tips.

(a.) Research about the site:

If some one tells you or refers you to a website, first type the name of the site in Google search engine. Many topics would appear and first few would be the site details and after that you can see the name of the sites in various sites meaning some people have discussed about the site. Read at least 15 websites and see what others have to say about it.

(b.) Follow the majority:

If majority of the people comment that it is a Scam ignore it immediately. Even if there are two or three people that say positive comments on site, avoid those. They may be people working for those scam websites and obviously will write positively about them. Also if the majority says that they have earned so and so income, do not join the site. Those people may not be lying but they may also be the victims of the Scam but do not realize it. They might simply see their earnings in the site and refer to you but might have not received the payment. Every site can update payment content but do not believe them until there is a payment proof submitted by a majority.

(c.) Presence of Forums:

This is the most important point. As you can see in Boddunan, it is a Peoples website, wholly run by the members. The forums are a place where people interact and express their opinions both positive and negative. This enables us to understand the website clearly. If there is a site especially a paying site and there are NO FORUMS, it means they do not want people to participate and tell the ugly truth about the site. Even if there is a Forums column and no comments posted, it means they have removed it and even if there are few comments, do not believe them as they may be posted by their own people.

They may provide contact details but they do not respond to you. Avoid sites that do not respond for days, apparently they are not interested. These scam websites some offer more than normal which means they are working for a loss. Why would anyone do that? And also some offer very less but actually earn 50 times more. For understanding these sites you need to have perfect knowledge of internet conditions etc. If you feel you can not be too cautious and can not take risks, then just stick to

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