For me, internet is the most easiest way to earn money by just sitting home. Anyone who knows how to use computer and internet can earn a handsome amount of money. i alone earn about $200 to $300 dollars on internet easily. just the need is to avoid scam on net.

on internet there are more than 70% scam of website that tells you that you can earn money just in 1-2 hours. if you want to earn money avoid such sites. the best way to find scam sites are to search about that site. for example there are many PTC sites ( Paid To Click sites ) on the net but 90% of them are scam any nothing. in my earlier days i was very much keen to earn money on net any i used to join any site. and one day i found that this site are scam and i lost all money that i have earned and it went to those stupid pockets. so i decide to search for a very legit site.

for that whenever i used to see any website that promises me to pay, i used type the name of the website on google and search for scam. for example i found website that promises me to pay. then i typed on google " is a scam " and i used to see my answer. also search for their payment on time and all.

below i have provided with the best site that really pay and if you are joining them thann please join under me. thank you  ( best site that everyone found. must must join )                                                                                                                     ( wonderful site with lots of ads ) ( must must join. good pay )                                                                                                                                                                 

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