How to make money online for free? Hi friends! I'm Kumar and you hear that absolutely right. You can make money online for free. Absolutely free. In this article, I'm going to explain to you a method called Article Marketing which offers a great earning opportunity to you.

I'm going to show you exactly how to do this and it's all through free techniques: In this article I’ll show you how people make money online for free using Article Marketing and how it generates thousands of dollars for them every month even while they sleep. Being the author of this article, let me make it clear that I’m not the creator of the Article Marketing method. I have just written this article describing how people use it to make money online for free! This article is solely meant to describe Article Marketing through a particular style that I use quite often.

However the original ideas are not mine. The content of this article does not guarantee that readers or people who try the techniques of Article Marketing will make money however, they are proven to work. What I can guarantee you is that these techniques are tried and tested. For some it may take longer than others, and many understand it very quickly. So friends, good luck with Article Marketing and enjoy reading the article!


Please note: This stuff works friends. No matter if you don't believe my words but I would request you to try it once or twice to see what it’s like. It’s absolutely free and you invest no money into this. So what have you got to lose? Once you get the hang of it and sales keep coming and coming, you’ll eventually reach a point where you get consistent sales. You will be making hundreds of dollars if not thousands. This a great opportunity to make money if you need the extra cash and for that matter who doesn’t?

What this article will teach you? This article will teach you a technique called Article Marketing and how to use it to generate income from the internet while you sleep without a website and without any investments! Article Marketing involves writing articles that rank very high on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, get a lot of exposure to visitors! In these articles you are going to be promoting products that relate to your article. If someone buys the product through your article, you make money!

A quick note about ethics: I’ve personally researched everything I’ve written about and recommend in this article. I take pride in being an honest marketer that helps people find solutions to their problems and that is a very satisfying feeling. Though you may choose to go the other way, it is none of my business and you may do so as you please.

Please note: At first you may think what you read here is a lot of work, but it actually isn’t. I'm being a bit elaborate as I’m just trying to make things easy for you. Do yourself a favor if you’re serious about this. Try the steps and you’ll see how quickly you do it. Often times these steps take me less than 30 minutes. Don’t let the long instructions turn you away. They only take minutes to complete! Try it once and you’ll see for yourself!

How Article Marketing works? The general idea: People always go on the internet to find answers to problems and often times buy things. This is very common in countries like America, Canada etc. Now a days this trend is picking up in India as well. People go on popular search engines like Google and type something in. Whatever they type is known as a "keyword". When they hit the search button, they’ll get results relating to their search.

In Article Marketing, you write articles on special article websites which I'm revealing below. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing love article directory websites and allow them to be ranked high in their search engines.

Ask yourself this question: When you type a search into Google, did you ever stumble onto an article or blog? Chances are yes. This is because this is becoming more and more popular. And search engines rank articles very high on their listings. These article get a plenty of visitors.

Articles get a lot of exposure, and the people who write them can easily promote products related to the article. So let’s say someone is looking for weight loss pills online, and finds an article talking about a popular new diet pill. If they buy the product through the article, the person who wrote it makes money. And this person can make money again and again. That is the basic idea of Article Marketing I'm trying to explain to you.

Where to write articles? Now this is the big question. There are hundreds of article directories on the internet. Here are three very good article websites which Google, Yahoo and Bing all love to rank high on their search engines. These three are very good for the purpose of Article Marketing. Though you may find a few other good sites as well, I personally use and ( A very popular article website that allows anyone to write articles and publish them on the internet for free! ( A public website which allows people to create free personal websites called lenses. Squidoo offers plenty of decorative features to dress up your website and make it look professional and enticing! ( A public website very similar to Squidoo, but it contains less features. On the pro side though, Hubpages gets indexed by search engines faster which gives faster exposure, though Squidoo has many more features such as creating beautiful websites.

How these sites are going to make you rich? Another big question. What you will be doing is writing articles on the above websites, and promoting products in these articles! You will for example write weight loss articles & promote weight loss products. There are so many companies that sell products on the internet. We as article marketers find a product and promote it by writing articles about it. When people read our article and buy the product, we get paid.

The #1 website for finding products to promote is ( It is the easiest place to find products to promote on whatever subject. Everything from health guides, weight loss diets, antivirus, spyware removal programs, money making guides, curing acne books and anything you can think of that people want answers to. There are other similar websites as well but I find better. Anyways, you can always try different options.

Step-1: Create accounts on the above websites. I personally use (, ( and ( Once you do that, we’ll move onto Step-2!

Step-2: After you're finished registering with the three sites, go to and find a product on to promote, preferably one relating to a hot market. For example, weight loss, dieting, dating, how to make money, cure acne and any other topics you can think of are all hot markets that get millions of searches on search engines every year. Many of these people are willing to buy products to solve their problems. Writing articles relating to these topics and promoting products that give answers to these problems from clickbank will make you money. Log on to clickbank and go to 'marketplace', you’ll find tons of products to promote.

Find one product of your choice and create a link. To create your own personal link, click the 'create hoplink' option, enter your clickbank nickname that you created while registering and you’ll get an affiliate link also known as personal link. Save the link some where in your computer! This is the link you will be using in your articles to promote the product you've chosen. When people read your article on the internet and click on your personal link to buy the product you're promoting, you make money.

Once you create your own personal link or hoplink, please check to see if it is correct working fine before you use it in your articles to promote your product. To do so, please paste your affiliate link into your browser. You’ll be sent to the product page. To the checkout page (you’re not buying anything) and scroll all the way down. In the bottom middle of the page you’ll see [AFFILIATE = YOURNICKNAME]. If the nickname is your Clickbank nickname then your link is working correctly. When people buy products through your affiliate link, you’ll make money!

Step-3: This step is a bit long but very important! Now that you’ve found a product to promote and checked if your affiliate link is working, it’s time to write articles about the product or articles relating to the product’s market. For example, if you chose some sort of weight loss product, say 'Fat Loss 4 Idiots' which is the #1 health & fitness product on clickbank, obviously you’ll be writing articles on weight loss. You can even write articles on the product itself. Let’s use the weight loss market and say we want to promote 'Fat Loss 4 Idiots'. This is an all natural dieting product. Think of what people would type into Google if they were looking to lose weight. Put yourself in their shoes and think.

The weight loss market is divided into different categories. Some people want to lose weight with drugs / diet pills. Some people want to lose weight naturally. This relates to 'Fat Loss 4 Idiots'. Some people want to weight fast. This category relates to 'Fat Loss 4 Idiots' too! Now you have three different categories of weight loss right off the top of your head. See how it differs with each one? It’s very important to know your product and the audience it refers to. Why would you promote an all natural product to people looking for diet pills? You wouldn’t make any sales! If you take your market and divide it into sub categories & see which one your product better fits to, you have better chances of making sales. Get it?

Say for example, if 'Fat Loss 4 Idiots' is an all natural dieting product, obviously the audience it best promotes to is to people who want to lose weight naturally. So you’d want to write articles about natural weight loss and recommend 'Fat Loss 4 Idiots'. Get it?

Step-4: This is the hardest part, but it gets ezee once you get a hang of it. Now this is the hardest part of Article Marketing, but if you try it a couple of times, it becomes very easy & fast. Just be a little patient and try a couple of times. You’ll get it, trust me! What we need to do is find 'keywords' relating to our product / market. Remember keywords are phrases people type into Google and other search engines when they look for something. The better our keywords, the more visitors we’ll get. The more visitors we get, the more potential sales! Each keyword we find will be the title of an article we write. The more keywords we have, the more articles we can write. The more articles we write, the more visitors we’ll get!

Let’s get back to our example of writing articles about natural weight loss. Let’s say I’m a guy looking for natural ways to lose weight. I go on Google. What would I type? Maybe, "how to lose weight naturally", that would be a keyword. What else might people who want to lose weight naturally type on Google? How about: "How to lose weight naturally without pills", "How to lose weight without diet pills", "How to lose weight quickly and naturally", "How to lose weight naturally", "How to lose weight fast and naturally". That’s 5 keywords I found in less than a minute. All I did was use my imagination! God has given you something up there, use the upper chamber. Use your head and come up with as many key words as possible.

Step-5: We’re going to hop on Google and check every keyword with "quotes" and click search. So let’s say we typed into Google "How to lose weight naturally without pills". Look at how many search results you get. If it’s less than 10,000, that's excellent! I got 153 and thats really really excellent!


If I wrote an article using that keyword as the title, I’d get on the first page of Google and make good money! Of course, when I write my article, I'll not use the quotes. But make sure that you always check your keyword in "quotes" because it gives you the exact competition. If it’s less than 10,000 results, and you write an article with that keyword as your title, your article will appear on Google’s front page. So anyone who types in "How to lose weight naturally without pills" (without quotes) will see your article on the very first page of Google. In this case it’s 153. So yes we can use this! Just look at all the ads on the right side of the search page. People actually pay money to be there! But we can make it to the first page for free. Isn't it amazing? Let’s try another keyword. "How to naturally lose weight fast"


Bam baby, we’ve got ourselves another winner! It has less than 10,000 competing pages, A lot of ads and a promising Keyword! And it’s already got two people who put articles on it using! Don’t fret though, you can still get on the first page!

Please note that the title of their articles is the exact keyword itself. Since there are already two other articles titled exactly the same way, we’ve got to add spice when we write ours. So how about "How to naturally lose weight fast without exercise". Just an idea, you can imagine whatever you’d like, but the better the title, the more views it’ll get, just remember to actually put the keyword in the title!

Step-6: Once you have found three keywords or more, hop into I hope you created your squidoo account! Now please go ahead and create a "lens" which is another word for an article / blog on squidoo. Squidoo will be your main page for promoting whatever product you chose on

1-First they’ll ask you what is your lens" about? You’ll type in "How to naturally lose weight fast" or whatever keyword you chose! If you have another keyword, put it in! 2-Then they’ll ask you a question with four choices. I always pick the last one "I just want to do my own thing!" 3-Then they’ll ask you to write in a link. This is pretty simple. You basically write in how-to-naturally-lose-weight-fast. Google sees dashes as spaces! Then it will ask you the rating of your page. Keep it G rated. 4-Finally it will ask you for your main and optional keywords. You can put "How to naturally lose weight fast" as your main one and if you did your research and found other keywords related to this, put them in optional keywords area!

Then click "Create lens" and wham! You’ve got yourself a personal and free webpage! Make sure to use your keyword at least two to three times when writing your article. From there write about what your keyword relates to i.e. how to naturally lose weight fast.

Step-7: Here I want to talk about basic tips as to how you can make your article stand out. Lets start with the intro. Talk about the topic / problem itself i.e. how to lose weight naturally!. Keep it short but to the point! In the body of the article, present a solution and talk about the product you’re promoting as the solution. In this case you’d recommend "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" as a solution. In the conclusion of the article repeat why the product you’re promoting solves the problem itself! Why is it that "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" will help people who want to lose weight naturally.

Now its flashback time friends! Still got your affiliate link from that you've saved some where on your computer? Well now we’re going to put that link in the squidoo article, only this time we’ll use the html version of the link which in this case will be-


Copy and paste this link, put your affiliate link into the "Your affiliate Link" area. This will hyperlink the "Any Text You Want" in your article, but will actually be a personal link to the product you’re promoting! You can change the "Any Text You Want" to anything else you’d like, just as long as you don’t change the whole html tag itself.

Here’s a squidoo lens you can check for reference. Please note, the orange areas in the squidoo lens are links to the product page. Here are a couple more examples of good lenses that make money. and

Once you start using squidoo, you will know it has so much to offer and you’ll understand it better with practice. Just experiment with it and see what happens. You have nothing to lose because it’s all free.

Step-8: Once you finish your lens, click "Publish" and check it out. Click "View this page". If you like it, get the link of your lens from your browser and hold onto it! We are going to use this link whenever we write other articles on other websites like But the problem with is that it does not allow any affiliate links to be put in articles. This is why we will use our squidoo link.

Step-9: Log into and start writing your article/s on weight loss. Remember those other keywords we researched? Do use every keyword you have as the title for each of your article/s! It doesn’t matter if you used them in your squidoo lens. Use them again! So our previous keyword "How to naturally lose weight fast” would be the title of one of your articles, but let’s spice it up a bit! Add something eye popping to the title. Something like "How to naturally lose weight without exercise" would be something that would attract curious eyes! Use your imagination. It just may be the difference between 100 views and 1,000 views or more! Google will still rank your article with the keyword you used. Check this article out for reference. Notice how many times he uses the keyword "How to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks" and look how many views it got at the bottom of the page! Amazing, isn't it?

Everything else is self explanatory when writing your article in Choose your subject. In this case our subject is weight loss. Write your title. Your keyword is your title. In the keyword box, write your main keyword and any other keywords relating to it. Write a short summary in the next box. Then the body, write the article itself and make sure you include your keyword phrase at least 2-3 times within the body of the article. This helps it rank better on Google!

Step-10: This step is actually linked to Step-9 but it’s so important that I need to address it separately! There is a Author SIG section on When you get up to the Author SIG section, you’re going to link your readers to your squidoo lens! Write a short paragraph where you give your readers a reason to click into your squidoo lens! You can write something like, "To discover the ultimate way to naturally lose weight fast, click here." Note that, 'click here' must be the html link given as follows-


You can replace 'click here' with anything you wish. Remember it has to link to your Squidoo lens! This makes people go into your lens, view it, read it, consider if the clickbank product you’re recommending is worth it and if they buy it, wham! You get a sale! Write more articles and you’ll get more traffic to your Squidoo lens and more sales!

This is what I always do: First I create a Squidoo lens and talk about a product I am promoting and how it helps people out. Second, I create five or more articles on and talk about a problem related to the product and in my Author SIG section I tell people how my clickbank product can help with the problem along with my squidoo link. Do not forget to put your squidoo link in the Author SIG area. This gives readers an incentive to check out your squidoo page.

Here is an example. I make a squidoo lens on "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" which is the #1 health & fitness product on I talk about how "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" helps people diet, why it beats diet pills and why it works. I then write weight loss articles on, that relate to the weight loss / dieting subject and in my Author SIG section, write how Fat Loss 4 Idiots can help and if they would like to learn more to check out my squidoo page. Understand?

Please note: Remember, you cannot put your affiliate link in your article because they do not allow it. That is why you must link your article to your squidoo lens. Check out some ezinearticles and squidoo lenses before you get started and analyze how people write and what gets you interested and use those same techniques in your articles! Again check out the same article as before and you’ll see how it works.

There is also a free keyword tool. You will find it at You can use this tool to find good keywords. There are also article writing softwares which you can use to churn out hundreds of unique keyword rich articles within no time. There are also softwares available with which you can submit your articles to hundreds of article directory websites within no time. Some are free and the better ones come for a price. Just search Google to find free article writing and article submitting softwares. You can buy the better ones if you can afford to pay the price. But don't worry, you don't need to bug your head with this if you don't want to. You can find success with article marketing even if you don't use these softwares. As long as you're using your head, you don't need to worry about anything else. I don't use any of these software programs and still I'm successful with Article Marketing. A bit of patience is what is required.

Understand this: The opportunity to make money online using this method is limitless. Just one single article could make you an extra one hundred dollars. A couple could make you hundreds of dollars. Some can you make you even more. Some of my articles are over a year old and are still making me money. Once you put it up there, it stays there and potentially makes you money 24 / 7, monthly and yearly! That’s a car payment right there, a way to get rid of debt, pay for bills and other expenses and hell even take yourself out for a nice night out or even a vacation. Why not? Couple of months back, I took my family of four on a nice vacation to Nepal, all by myself for the first time and together we had a blast.

I spent in excess of 50,000 rupees on it, but this was all money I made online! And during the vacation 300 dollars got deposited to my paypal account. While I had a wonderful time with my family enjoying my vacation, the articles that I wrote months back, actually worked hard for me to get those 300 dollars to my account. As an article marketer, you earn money even when you're sleeping. What could be more satisfying than relaxing and knowing you’re making money? The fact of the matter is, people will always need something and they are turning to the internet for answers more and more. Giving people what they are looking for and recommending products that help them solve these problems can make you money for months and even years to come!

Time to Review! 1-Create accounts on, & 2-Find a product on clickbank you want to promote and create an affiliate link. 3-Relate your product to it’s specific market. For example, to promote a natural weight loss product, write natural weight loss articles. 4-Find keywords relating to natural weight loss or whatever market you chose. 5-Make sure each keyword you find has less than 10,000 search results when "quoted". 6-Create a squidoo lens using one of your keywords. 7-Add the affiliate links in html code within your article as shown in Step-7 above so that people can visit your promotional page. Examples of good squidoo lenses have been provided. 8-Once you finish your squidoo article / lens, click "publish" and then "view lens". Get it’s link from your browser and save it. You’re going to use this link when creating your articles on 9-Log into and use whatever other keywords you found as a title for each of your articles. Every keyword will be a separate article. Make sure you link the article to your squidoo lens in the Author SIG section of 10-Rinse / repeat. If you don’t make any sales, try looking at your lens / article from a reader’s perspective. See if it makes sense, if it answers their problem, if it’s easy to read and doesn’t confuse them. 11-These articles / lenses work for you so you can potentially make money while you sleep! 12-Keep writing articles!

As promised at the beginning of the article, I have shown you exactly how to make money online through techniques that are absolutely free. Now that we are almost done, let me address some frequently asked questions about Article Marketing.

How long does the entire process take? It seems like a lot! Though the instructions may seem like a lot, once you try it once or twice, there’s nothing to it! It takes me about 30 min to 1 hour to put up a lens and I can write up to five ezinearticles or more of 250 to 300 words length in an hour or so. Trust me friends, it gets easier with practice!

How much money can I make with these techniques? To be honest the amount you can make is really unlimited. Some people can make several hundred dollars a month, while others can make thousands or more. An American lady named Colleen who makes over 6,000 dollars a month using these techniques is a full time article marketer and a house wife and a mother of two! My friend Chandrakant from Bangalore from whom I have learnt most of these techniques, makes in excess of 10,000 dollars a month. That’s over 1,20,000 dollars a year and I’ve seen his stats. They are real! I'm into Article marketing for over a year now and make between 200 to 500 dollars a month. Sometimes even more. At 45 rupees a dollar, 500 dollars make as much as 22500 rupees. That's quite some amount, isn't it?

How many articles should I write to make enough money? This is completely based on keyword research. If you carefully research your keywords you can write a small amounts of articles and get a lot of traffic. However often times people just go insane and write endless amount of articles without thinking about the keyword research and end up getting nowhere! So again, keyword research is key here! Think what people would type in Google and you’ll get it!

Is there any liability to these techniques? No. Absolutely not. These are all free techniques. The only thing you’re sacrificing is time. As for liability, again I make an effort to be honest with my readers and give them the straight answer. Others choose to promote something they don’t know about and again readers will sense this and this will impact sales.

Can I show you my Articles / Lens for review? I’m afraid not. In this article I've put all that you need to succeed. Article Marketing isn't rocket science, its simple funda.If I were to allow people to send me their articles / lenses, I would never ever be able to reply every e-mail or be able to help everyone. If you’re not making sales, review your articles / lens from your reader’s perspective. If it doesn’t make sense, change it! Don’t blatantly promote a product because that turns people off. Give people tips on their problems or whatever niche you’re writing about and recommend the product for the full benefit. Always be honest with your readers. Practice, practice and practice! You'll be a successful article marketer.

How long will it take me to make sales? Everyone is different. Some people catch on quick and others have problems and need more time to get used to it. In my case, it took a lot of time but now I'm earning a pretty decent income. Again practice and experience count! Don’t worry about making a mistake, remember it’s liability free so you have nothing to lose! Just think, experiment and do! Worrying about what to do and where to start will get you nowhere. Just do!

Contact me: Thank you for reading this article and I hope you have success with the techniques you learned here! You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions that aren’t already answered or explained in this article. Good luck friends!

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