Mouse is a device which points to the icon on the computer monitor enabling us to move as required.  A mouse contains one or more buttons. But most of the common mouses used by us contain two  buttons and a wheel. The two buttons are on the right and left of the mouse. The wheel is used to scroll. 

The mouse is designed to fit  exactly on our palm. The index finger is used to press the left hand button and the remaining fingers of the hand grip the mouse but the middle finger is used to press the right hand button. Most of us use point finger to use the wheel to scroll. While holding the mouse your fingers must be in relaxed position. 

Most of us know about computer mouse which we connect to the computer. But the mouse may be in various forms depending on the  device we use. For example- touch pad, joystick, trackball, pointers in boards etc. Asa matter of fact,  mouse is meant for interacting with the computer. The mouse is known as input device. But now this is also called a  peripheral device. 

History of mouse

In 1960 the first mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart. The first mouse contained two metal wheels, a wooden box and a circuit board connected to the surface. Next the ball Mouse was invented by Bill English in 1972. Therefore, the wheels in the first mouse were replaced with a ball. In 1980, the optical mouse was developed. 


It is next to impossible to use a computer without the device of mouse. Mouse is an essential input device for any kind of operation on the computer. Of course there are different shortcuts which we can implement through key Board device  but we cannot use key board shorcuts regularly. So using the mouse is the best way to operate. 

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