The use of USB drive storages is increasing day-by-day, be it Pen drives or MicroSD cards. Today these portable drives are pretty cheap and are increasing in size with each passing day. They look easy to use, but, there are both upside and downside to it. Let us have a look.

The Pros of Using an USB Drive

Easy to use

Be it a pen drive or a MicroSD card, the data on such devices are easy to access. Many PCs and laptops have built-in card readers. So reading the data is always a breeze. Pen drives are also 'auto run' when inserted in USB ports.


With tough competition in the market, many companies bring their devices in the market at competitive rates. Note: The prices mentioned herein are just an example. Readers should do their own research before purchasing and should not depend on these prices mentioned here.


One reason why such USB drives have become so popular is their portability. As they are easy to carry, data can easily be transferred from one device to another. The devices are light in weight and size that is another reason why they can be easily carried with, even in pockets.

The Cons of Using an USB Drive

Can easily be lost or stolen

The devices are getting smaller each day and the miniature size can prove to be veto. As these devices are small in size, they can be easily stolen. The fear of losing them, if misplaced, cannot also be overlooked.

Easy physical access for anyone

Anyone can access these USB drives. It is hard to keep it safe all the while. At times such devices need to be lent to someone close for extending a helping hand. Even your gadget isn’t safe all the time, remember this.

Autorun infection easily possible

But the most ‘destructive’ thing for this can be the ‘Autorun’ feature. This feature is actually built for running executable files in the drive as soon as it is accessed. However, this feature can prove to be more harmful than useful if there are harmful files in the drive. These files can get auto executed once the computer accesses the USB drive.

Using USB Devices with Caution

It is vital that you do not use the same drive for your work and home. Keep two separate drives for these two separate things.

Never use any unknown device with your computer. Care should be especially taken if you do not have any anti-virus installed. It is better to take care first than worrying later.

Disable the autorun functionality in your PC. So the next time you plug an USB drive, the files won’t execute automatically.

Never use the USB drives to save any sensitive information regarding your credit card numbers or anything such similar things. In case the device is lost, it can cost you a million.

Remember, if these tiny gadgets are of any help to you, they are equally capable of giving you headaches. So, take caution always!

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