Every person likes to own a personal laptop. The laptop needs proper care and attention. You have to save your laptop from every kind of damage. It increases life span of your laptop.  Many laptop owners think keeping the laptop in good shape is very difficult. In this article I am going to make those people aware that the laptop can be protected in easy way. I am starting discussing laptop protection tips one by one. You are able to maintain the speed and performance of your laptop after following these tips.

1. Liquids - Try to keep away from laptop

Every person has the habit of drinking tea, coffee, milk, normal water and other kind of liquid substance very near to laptops. Some time you may drops your laptop on ground by mistake. To avoid this type of accidents, use a plate under your drinks. It will save your laptop from unwanted drops. Your drops fall on your plate rather than your laptops. These liquid drops are very dangerous. It damages laptop's motherboard or any internal electronic parts. You may lose your data due to short circuits. This data cannot be recovered in future days. You want to protect your laptop from these liquids.Avoid drinking liquids near laptops. You need to restrict your relative, friends for enjoying liquids near your laptop. 

2. Your laptop must protected by an anti-virus

The largest number of viruses are entering your laptop during downloading. This virus is going to corrupt your data. When you operate your laptop, it may create hardware or software problem. Performance of your laptop becomes worst. You are not able to operate the software in an ideal way.

3. Food particle may harm your laptop

Eating is a good habit but cannot make you laptop your dinner table. Eating near to a laptop, you are going to destroy your laptop. Food particle falls on your laptop. These particles remain in between of your laptop's keyboard. This will invite large amount of tiny bugs. Food particles may damage your laptop's circuit system.  Your laptop beauty has snatched by these tiny food particles.  

4. A laptop should operate with clean hands

You need to wash your hand before using the laptop. It will maximize the life of your touch-pad and keyboard. Operate laptop with oily hand is not a good idea. It will fill your laptop with strains, oil and dirt. Many times you wash your hand and start handling your laptop. This is not a good way of handling a laptop. You need to use cloth and soak every drop of water on your hands. If you touch laptop with wet hands, use a small piece of cloth to clean water from your laptop.

5. Laptop screen needs to be protected

Suppose that you finish your work on the laptop. Now you are going to turn-off your laptop. At this time, remove every small thing from laptop keyboard. By doing this you are going to protect the screen of your laptop. If you forget rough things on your laptop's keyboard, it will make scratches on your laptop's screen.  You need to take care during pressing of lid. Keep your finger in the middle portion of the lid. If you continue to use lid by one side, it will create pressure on the lid's hinge. You lid bends in one direction.

6. Move laptop from one place to another by holding its Screen is a bad option

Many laptop's owner has a habit of moving the laptop by holding its screen. If you want to move laptop from one place to another lift your laptop by holding its base surface. Holding laptop's screen creates pressure. As a result you may damage your laptop display. Don't give such type of pressure on the laptop's display.

7. Power cord - Need proper handling

It is not a good idea to remove the power cord of laptop from the socket board by pulling. You have to remove the power cord with the help of your hand. The force pulling may harm or damage your laptop's power socket.  Many people like to play with the wire of the laptop's power socket if they sit near to the electricity board. Avoid such type of activities. By this activity laptop's power socket become loose or you may bring a situation where you power socket breaks.

8. Laptop cord - handle with care

Many times laptop's battery cords breaks due to lack of care. If you use a laptop on the table, you have to stick your laptop's cord in any corner of a table by using tape. Many times laptop's cord fall on ground floor. Your laptop's cord is not secured to the floor. Even a chair leg scratches you laptop's cord.  

9. Laptop slots - Use in a proper way

You need to take proper attention during inserting external devices into laptop's slots. Every slot in your laptop is indicated by symbols. You need to look these available symbols before inserting external devices into the slots available in your laptop.  Suppose that you try to insert a USB device into slots provided for Ethernet, it will destroy your Ethernet port.

10. Removable drive - Need proper attention

There are two drives available in your laptop. Floppy or DVD drives. These drives need special care. If you become careless, your drives may get destroyed. If you use external DVD writer, you need to place at some safe place. You need to purchase a storage box for storing External Devices. You are going to use DVD/CD in your laptop's DVD drive, insert DVD/CD carefully into DVD drive. Inserting DVD/CD in the wrong way. It may jam/lock your  DVD Drive.

11. Insert CD/DVD with proper label

Many DVD/CD is labelled by papers. You need to insert media with proper label. You need to avoid media with loose label. It might lock your DVD drive. Try to avoid media that is not suitable for your laptop's drive. It may damage your laptop's drive.

12. Rapid change in temperature is not good for your laptop

During winter season outside temperature is different from your room temperature. Suppose that you reach to your home with your laptop, you need to allow your laptop to adjust this temperature change. It is not a good idea to turn-on laptop during this temperature change.  Avoid using the laptop under sunlight. It may damage your laptop. 

13. Travelling by Car - Never forget your laptop inside your car

It is not a good thing to forget the laptop for longer periods inside your car. Car temperature is not good for your laptop. It may damage your laptop. It also invites thief. They can easily take your laptop from your car

14. Internal Dust - Need to be removed or cleaned once in a year

You need to clean your laptop internally. Regular use of laptop invite dust particles. If you are able to do cleaning, do it otherwise you need an expert person in the field of computer. Your laptop cooling system is damaged by these dust particles. Your computer generates large amounts of heat due to a bad function of your laptop cooling system. As a result it may damage your laptop's motherboard.

15. Using a laptop for keeping books or other heavy things - Avoid it

If you are using your laptop as table, stop this activity. Using laptop upper part for placing heavy books, avoid it. It may damage the display of your laptop. Apart from screen, other internal parts like CD-ROM may break. 

16. Size of laptop bag must equal or bigger than your laptop

You like to travel from one place to another with your laptop. It is natural as well as important. You need to buy a laptop carrying bag that is bigger than your laptop. You have to look laptop comfort. If you use a smaller laptop bag, there is a chance of scratching, compressing etc. Always prefer a comfort bag for your laptop.

17. Laptop carrying bag - Select the best one

In many cases a laptop breaks because you may drop your laptop. To avoid this drop you need to buy a laptop bag. This bag saves your laptop from dropping.

18. Never use your laptop in the compact place

Always use your laptop in properly ventilated room. The room or place is not compact. It is full of air. Proper air circulation is needed for your laptop. You laptop becomes heated because you are using your laptop in the compact place. 

19. You need to clean your laptop's exhaust fan and display

You can use a soft tooth-brush to clean laptop's fan and screen. Exhaust fan of your laptop need regular cleaning. Exhaust fan full of dust may overheat your laptop.

20. Using a laptop on rough surface - Avoid It

You need to select part of your room that is flat as well as clean. This place is ideal for placing your laptop. This condition is not available to each and every place. You cannot remain at one place. You have to move from one place to other. If you find a flat surface, use available surface. 

21. Avoid bed for operating your laptop

Using the laptop in bed is not a good habit. You need to change this habit. If you are placing your laptop on your bed each and every day, your laptop exhaust fan starts sucking dust particles from your bed. As a result, Exhaust fan stop working in a proper way. You need to change the place of your laptop on regular interval of time.

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