In overall world, there are only two things which work continuously and does not have any sleep or rest; they are one heart and the other one is brain. Heart pumps blood to the body and where as brain pumps thinking's. The work done by the brain is very difficult. It will be doing its work continuously, because any man cannot be without thinking, he has to be thinking one or the other thing always. But for so many years, our brain could understand us but we never understood our brain. And now this is going to end. Now we can read our brain and get the informatin about how our brain is reacting in the way of some coding. This is done with the help of "Emotive Insight".

What is this Emotive Insight Gadget?

A thinking means a chemical reaction between the neurons, when there is any reaction between the neurons, a new light occurs which are called as "Neural Electrical Impulse". Due to this impulse some waves occurs in the brain. They are called  as brain waves. In our hospital labs the EEG Scanning, etc will be studied on the basis of this brain waves. And this Emotive Insight Gadget is similar to this. It looks like a head set. Once we wear this device it starts working. It will record the sensors and decode them to us in such a manner that we understand the message.

What happens after decoding?

Our brain waves frequency depends on our thinking's. When our brain is in stress, this device will send a message of the state of our mind and send them to our mobile or PC. To receive these messages, you have to download emotive insight app through android ios.

Mood Settling:

This devise will be continuously reading our mind until we remove it. Fear, stress, sorrow, tension, happiness.... it will record all the feelings of our brain and send us the report to our smart phone. With the help of this information we can access our brain. Not only this, but when you are in tension and stress, it will send you a message to your head set phone by Bluetooth, the smart phone will play a music to change the mood. It will also change the temperature of thermostart and AC as required.

Master Mind behind this brain reader:

The master mind behind this brain reader is 'Than Le'. Than Le who belong to Viet Nand, and have been settled in Australia. With very much interest on Brain Science, she started designing "Brain Reader" with the help of the companies like "Emotive". In the year 1998 she has won the award as "Young Australian of The Year" and she has also won the award as "young Global Reader" in the year 2009. Now this Emotive institute has put its foot forward to create a history, which is giving command through brain waves. They want this device to work only on the commands of the brain without using our hands and legs.

Helpful to handicapped people:

If one has this Emotive insight technology, there will be no requirement of using switches, head sets, steering. Everything will become beginning from small helicopter to to car wheels. We can control all the devices with out brain. If we put this device and just think of moving a wheel chair, then thinking will be generated, brain waves will be encoded  and will be sent to this electrical wheel chair and the wheel chair will start moving. Not only this we can control our car by just thinking. We can fly a helicopter. If we think of any music in our brain, that will be generated and the music will be played in the system.

It is estimated that, this device may come into market in the month of January of the next year. It may cost around 299 dollars. The only thing what you have to do now is just think of what to do


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