These days almost every people are having their own smart phones. And among these phones Android is quite famous mobile operating system in compare to other mobile OS especially in India. These days I have also seen that people is having craze of changing new and new smart phones with latest features in very short time. In this case or any other way backing up your different kind of android data is an important and most required thing. If you are also changing your mobile phone frequently then it is important to take back-up of every important thing to your other phone like contacts, messages, photos, videos, app data and many more. So in this article we will learn about different ways of backing up our android data with different kind of useful applications.

Backup your applications: First people love to install different kind of games and applications on their smart phone. But every time they buy new phone they have to install their games and applications again from store using Internet. So this thing can eat up your internet data for the same apps and games again and again. But you can save your data by saving those applications apk files in your android phone or SD card of it. Just save your android apps apk files and next time even without internet you can download those applications and games directly from your phone or SD card. But you may have to update them to get latest current version if any updates available. The best application I have used for saving your application apk files is App Backup & Restore. 

Backup using Titanium Backup: This is another good application to backup your applications on your SD card or your phone memory. But unlike above application I mentioned, this application need rooted android phone to work.  Yes if your phone is not rooted then this will not work for you. As it required root access, it also serves better backing up features. The above application I mentioned only backups apk files of your applications. Means you can just re-install them. But using titanium backup you can also backup data of your current applications with apk files. All applications will be back up with their data. Means suppose you have reached to certain level in one game. After backing up that data when you restore your game with titanium backup you will get the game with those data (means save level where you left). So that’s a big plus point of this game. This application also having purchased version which offers you even more better features in compare to free one.

Backup your contacts: This is the most important one that you don’t miss your any important contact when you move to new phone. Many people backup their contacts on their SIM card which is also good habit. But what if they lose SIM card or their lost their phone in any case. And backing up contacts in phone memory is very bad idea. The safest way to backup your contacts is online. Your android phone is also having this facility. You can save all your contacts and synchronize them with your Google account. I am sure you all know that with Google our private data is very safe. Once you synchronize your contacts with your Google account, all of them will be stored online. Next time when you purchased new android phone you just have to add your Google account in it and all your contacts will be automatically feed in your new phone. So that’s a big advantage of saving contacts online.

Back up your SMS: Well, these days’ people more use apps like whatsapp. But there are still many who love to use normal SMS service in their phone. Whenever you go for new phone you have the fear of losing all your old SMS. But you can backup them too using certain app on your android. SMS Backup & Restore is one of good application using which you can easily backup your all SMS in just one click. All your SMS will be backup in your memory card and later on you just need to install this application on your new phone and using it you can restore all SMS in your new phone in one click. So now you don’t have to worry about losing important messages as you can backup them on your SD card with other things.

Store data online: You can also backup your important data like apk files and other things online. These days apps like Google drive and drop box provides fantastic feature to save your data online which is the most secure place than any other. You don’t need to store all your data online, but you can go for important one. All of them having their mobile apps and you can easily upload your stuff without transferring them to your pc.

Custom Recovery Backup: This is about developer things. One who love to install custom ROMs on their android phone should surely use this recovery backup before going for any new android custom ROM. Using custom recover you can backup whole android OS with all of your phone data in either SD card or your phone memory. So that supposes if you face any kind of problem with new android custom ROM you can revert back to your backup android version easily without any extra gadget like computer. Just restore it from your memory card using custom recovery mode and all back just like it was before installing new android custom ROM. This is not about purchasing new phone as you can’t use your backup on your new phone. This is just for developers who love to install new custom android ROMs.

So this is it. Now you are ready to go for new phone with all your backup data. You can easily transfer your different backup data to new phone by following any above methods. Any of these backup methods can come to very handy in different situations. Personally I used to change my phone very frequently so I guess I use most of the method for the same purpose. Among all of them titanium backup is my favorite app as it can also backup applications and games data so that I never need to start anything from starting. Check them out by your own and use it which you like. I am sure all of them will be handy to you as well.

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  1. mohan manohar

With Android, Google backs up contracts and multimedia contents, for this I prefer Google back up and opted out from any third party back up solutions.

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