Typing in any touch screen phones is little difficult part as you can make more mistakes in compare to normal keypad. In android phones by default keyboard application is not that good. I mean it not provide any extra features and functions than just normal typing. You need something extra and intelligent stuff for typing fast which is missing in the normal default keyboard application. But no worries, you can always download third party application from Google play store. So you can also have free and more intelligent keyboard application for your android phone. Let’s see which better options for keyboard application available on the market which can make our typing experience good.

Keyboard applications for your Android:

Go Keyboard: This keyboard is best to personalize itself. If you are bored with normal looking keyboard then you can go for it. Here with this keyboard you will get different options for personalizing it with different themes, emoticons, key tone, etc. There are thousands of themes online available for this keyboard so that you can get different looking keyboards. So that’s why main attraction of this application is to personalize it with different themes. You can download this application for free on Google play store. Just search its name and get it for free.

Swiftkey Keyboard: This is award winning keyboard application among several applications. In past this application was paid but now because of its popularity you can download it for free from the play store. Yes now there is free version of this application which is ad free too available on the play store. 

This keyboard application provides you some smart feature that is not available on your stock keyboard on your android device. It will provide you smarter autocorrect option in compare to stock keyboard. It also provides more emoticons in compare to stock keyboard with emoji prediction function which is unique itself. 

The main function of this keyboard application is that it provides fast typing experience with its swipe function. Because of this function it became more popular. You just need to swipe on the keyboard among those keys and its smarter function will auto predict your word and type it for you. So it can make your typing experience faster. With all these unique features this application also provides themes option which provides you beautiful themes to change look of your keyboard over stock keyboard.

Google Keyboard: This is from famous giant company Google itself. In latest android phones it comes preinstalled. But for better experience you have to update the application. If you are missing this application on your phone then you can install it from Google play store.

The key fey features of this application are the latest version of this application provides material design themes which are available in latest android lollipop version. It also provides smarter personalized suggestion with auto correction mode. It gives popup animations when you press the keys on keyboard which looks cool. It also provide gesture typing mode with dynamic floating preview using which you can type really fast and accurate. 

So this is it. Here are few good options and alternatives for exchanging stock keyboard which can help you in fast typing. You can have additional features with these applications for typing and make your typing more interesting and entertaining. Now just after installation they will not directly available as keyboard on your phone. You have to choose them from the settings and make one of it as your default keyboard for further use. Let’s learn how we can make such third party keyboard as default keyboard.

How to use third party keyboard application on Android?

For using any third party keyboard application on your android phone, first you have to make it as default keyboard. You have to make it as default and change from stock keyboard to the new one. 

For that first go to setting page on your android phone. Then find the option ‘Language & input’ and open it.  In that window you will found ‘Default’ option under ‘Keyboards and Input Methods’ section. Now just click on that ‘Default’ option and you will able to see the list of available keyboards on your android phone. In that list you will also found the keyboards you have downloaded. Just select the one you want to keep it as default. That’s it. Now whenever you go for message or something the new keyboard will appear instead of old stock keyboard. 

This process may sound complicated but it is quite easy when you will done it. So go for it. Just follow the simple steps and it is done.

So this is it. By this way you can change the default keyboard. By this way you can use your downloaded keyboard on your android phone. Default keyboard have not more functions. But this third party applications provide really well features and functions like emoticons, better auto correction, smart recognize function, voice typing feature, theme option and many more. So if you are also bored with your stock keyboard then you can also go for such innovative keyboard applications. Try it and enjoy.

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