Google is beneficial, fun and good for everyone. It has many services. Search is prominent one but it is not the only service from Google. It is a delightful experience that Google provides so much for free! Google provides users with a variety of tools to recreate own search engine. Google’s customized search engines not only give relevant repository of information overload of what you are searching for, but also adjudicate additional option of mass-monetization of highly personalized search results. 

So much of resources Google prescribes to users is unimaginable to say the least. Creating sites with Google and hosting it with Google for absolutely free of cost. Adding Google Adsense on it for monetizing the contents of sites. You can recreate a blog with Google’s blogger then redefine your language skills and share ideas all over the world. Google provides enough tools for webmasters to implement on their sites and share relevant information with the world. Google is omnipresence in internet spheres. 

Wide range of Google’s portfolio:

It is indeed very difficult to live a life without using multiple tools to Google a day. A majority of Google’s tool have just used by many without proper realization. Google expands its portfolio day by day and continues its innovation with the internet world to the extent no one would ever think of the very amount of innovation and reasoning behind creating a successful Google tool. Notions on webmaster tools are clearly interconnected with algorithms of search engines.

That is why for every webmasters take help of Google to incorporate modern SEO (search engine optimization techniques) for proper indexing sites with Google. Outdated and unpopular tools of Google never make headway inside internet world. It continues with its expanding ideas of ambitious innovation in recreating convenient tools for users. Most of its new offerings stay in stage of ‘beta’ for long enough times still all traces of doubts are cleared over new application.

Advent of Gmail from Google: 

Decades back when Yahoo Mail was hugely popular, despite its continual faults and dalliance of long loading times and downtime of its servers. During that time of the internet was super slow. Yahoo Mail many a times took huge loading times and that generates huge disappointment among disgruntling users. Google initiates Gmail (Google Mail) on strictly invite basis. It was a newer concept and creates a sense of amusement and ecstasy among internet users. Experience of Gmail was huge for them and the ease of functionality within email architecture was additional boon for them. 

King of internet: 

Surprisingly, it stayed on the stage of ‘beta’ for long enough to respect Google opinions of users and continue implementation of their suggestions on further improvements of Gmail. Philosophy of Google works in this way as it continues unabated to provide utmost satisfaction for experiences of end- users and try to make every possible offer for free of cost. During times of old Yahoo Mail, when users had to delete older mails in order to keep space for arrival of newer emails. Gmail provides a complete reversal of what existed for Yahoo Mails. Google established a huge number of databases all over the world to give maximum space to users. 

Many users of regular Gmail users have found that down time for Gmail is almost negligible seconds of times. Google established a huge number of content delivery networks (CDN) all over the world. CDN loads webpage say Gmail with vast amount speed and continue to contact the nearest server of client’s computer. Google is currently the king of the internet and continues to provide the vast majority of tools that could attract more and more users to use Google-enabled services.

Google aims at creating relevant digital passions within long stretch of internet users through customized offerings of goodies for a variety of reasons. Google desperately wants users to use their default applications for reading email, reading newspaper, watching movies and so on. Google watches intently user’s activities and provides customized offerings to users. Google’s answer to the mobile platform is android. It is platform independent which provides additional space for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to prescribe customized solutions to users. 

YouTube and Google Play Store: 

YouTube is the most popular video sharing and watching the platform of the world. In its initial years, users were not permitted to download these videos on their device for offline viewing. Users download YouTube video downloads application from different application environment other than Google Play Store.  Google Play Store is a repository of application created and maintained by Google to be used by the vast majority of users all over the world. Google Play Store is guarded by Google for malwares and other malicious applications.

Most of a customized version of Android prepared by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) also installed their own version of a repository of application environment and slowly allow such applications which are mostly banned in Google from its Google Play store for violating terms of rights of Google. Users download YouTube downloaded from Samsung Apps and installed it on an android. These applications utilize Android’s native sharing application to download videos of YouTube to be watched offline on their device. 

New offline features of YouTube: 

Google observed this behavior of user’s worldwide. People desperately want YouTube videos to be watched offline for watching videos while not connecting to internet. In its latest application updates of YouTube, Google closed such tricks being performed by separate applications and stops such applications to download videos from YouTube through illegitimate terms. Google introduces new offline features on YouTube videos which are almost same as that of downloading videos but there is a slight difference in it. Google uses specific Gmail account to use its variety of services and now specific users could download specific YouTube videos and watch it while they are offline.

Through the notification would show that these videos are available for two days, but in actually it stays forever. What Google had done by introducing offline features of YouTube is that it had slowly removed the eccentricity of third party YouTube downloads. It introduces a cleaner policy of allowing videos to be watched offline on android devices only and those videos could not be transferred to another device but for sure there would be only be exclusively available to specific android device. 

Google code for developers: 

Google employs white hat popularity of its applications which are mostly accepted by the majority of users. Then, Google releases entire codes for developers for further development and suggestions from people all over the world. Google Code is for the developer only as it provides a wide variety of source codes for them. It is mostly a learning website for developers as they would find a wide variety of API (Application Process Interfaces) that would help developers to create and cross-connect their application with various Google-enabled services. 

Google loves being open-source. In the past, it supported development of the Firefox browser, though after its own open-source Google Chrome project started it had slowly moved out from super active support of Firefox from Mozilla. Similarly, it had a great partnership with Sun Microsystems in creating a better open office program. Open office program is a substitute word processor to Microsoft Office. It had gone to the extent of interchanging the programmer in order to pacify programming of openoffice. Favorite arena of developers is Google Code. It has loose varieties of APIs including APIs from Google’s blogger platform.

At some point of time, Google found that general computer users find it always hard to integrate APIs with their personal internet platform. For this, Google created Google Tag Manager, which is the safest place for developers to automatically install APIs without need for an advanced coding expertise. With Google Tag Manager, users would easily install heavy Google Analytics code on their site without actually installing Google Analytics code on the header of sight. Most times, codes of Google Analytics are heavier and tend to slow down the site. Webmasters used to install on their site as it needed to properly analyze their site and this it is of extreme importance to use APIs while installing such heavier script. 

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager: 

Google Analytics is a free analytic tool for individual and small and medium sized webmasters to collect and gather various data information and the way different visitors reach to website from around the world. The script of Google Analytics is heavy and does considerably website.  Google’s ‘Google Page Speed’ is the perfect measurement to measure speed of any site. On the other side ‘Google Analytics’ is slowly killing many websites. 

Google crawls faster WebPages which load quickly: 

Google loves the web and wishes to make it user friendly and fast. It wishes more information for users and wishes to load every website at supersonic speed. It knows there are many places of third world countries where the speed of the internet even in modern times is slower than speed of summer winds. In developing countries, people love the speed of the second generation internet as it is cost friendly and does provide good speed for users to complete almost all tasks which they wished. Webmasters have to purchase a domain and hosting. In order to make website faster they go to have to purchase some content delivery network (CDN). Most of times purchasing CDN impose additional expenditure burden on webmasters for their website. In the term of internet, zipping of website is called as ‘Gzip’. 

Website with Gzip enabled function, loads faster. Google wants webmaster to speed-up their site with the addition of better content delivery network on their site. Cloud Flare is a free content delivery network and most of hosting providers have their agreement with it but still it is free which means it would cut down many performances of your site when it receives vast traffic. There have been some complaints from various webmasters about a drastic drop of visitors to their site when they are using the free version of CloudFlare. CloudFlare is a content delivery network as well as protect your sites from unwarranted loggers and attackers. 

Google’s own content delivery network known as Google’s Page Speed: 

Google introduced its own content delivery network known as ‘PageSpeed’. It is super fast and completely free. It enhances the speed of website to quadruple level in no time. Difference between ‘PageSpeed’ and other commercial CDN is the former uses ‘mod-deflate’ function of the current host and others configure different hosts to exist Host. In order to perfectly use ‘PageSpeed’ at Google one need to have strong hosting plans where allocation of more central processing units (CPU) for site. 

If you have a good hosting plan and additional resources to surmount extra CPU Usage. Then it is better to power your site with Google’s Page Speed. It is absolutely free and site loads quickly at every possible servers for Google crawls your site throughout the world over to load your site from shortest possible server distance. 

It means to say that Google covers each and every bit of aspect of internet spheres even from the spheres of speeding up website by offering its free tool of content delivery network. Some webmasters complain that after implementing ‘PageSpeed’ CDN most of third party advertising scripts are not showing. 

I have personally tested this and have found that some advertising scripts are not showing. Most of webmasters earn from all these third party advertising scripts and if these scripts would be barred after implementing ‘PageSpeed’ from Google, then they would think twice before implementing script on web site. 

The boss Google: 

Google also has shown some sort of high-handedness while giving some of the most popular tools for free. This is the perfect example of how the fastest content delivery network of world from Google which is ‘PageSpeed’ not able to generate much appreciation from most webmasters who rely on third party advertising options except Adsense from Google. Most of upcoming and new webmasters mostly go for alternatives to ad sense and for, this they are still apprehensive about implementing content delivery network from Google.

This means that if you have to advance approved account, then it is wise for you to implement ‘PageSpeed’ from Google. It will load these scripts in no time and reduce the ultimate page loading time of website. If you have no absence approved account, then it is better to go for alternatives CDN so that yours existing advertising revenues coming from different sources would not be interrupted at any point of time. 

Recent updates from YouTube for android devices completely shut down every possibility of downloading favorite videos through third-party YouTube video downloads. Now, YouTube provides you opportunity to see offline videos by downloading but all these could not be downloaded to external hard drives. This means offline videos would be only to be seen on your android device. It is a convenient but still there is a cap to use it as some of the most popular Google services have been doing this on a continual basis. 

'Google user content’ of Google Chrome on android device: 

Only few days back Google silently launched ‘Google user content’ a hidden tool on android device. Hopefully, its desktop version would be soon to be launched in desktop chrome browser. Currently, it worked with android devices, and I have not tested it on Apple phones. When user searches for any term with chrome browser of android, it shows search results on favorite Google search engines.

When, user clicks on a particular link, it opens a short hand version of website instead of usually from origin server. Google employs super secure connection with the name of ‘Google user content’ which loads website at a different resolution in accordance with speed of internet connection of users. 

In the era of internet, webmasters have to use various forms of web optimization techniques to optimize their sites. ‘Google Webmaster Tools’ which helps webmasters to optimize their site for internet users as well as for search engines indexing. It covers a wide variety of tools to optimize the site on every possible terms. 

Some renowned retired tools of Google: 

I missed ‘Google Web Accelerator’. During the era of Windows XP, where most of speed of the internet were slow and sluggish most times, users do have to pay for what they intended to browse for. In these circumstances, most users intended to use ‘Google Web Accelerator’ from Google. It is like a content delivery network for your computer.

At that time, Google says it is best for broad band users but still dial up users could feel the difference of page loading times of Web Pages. Google Web accelerator is not actively supported by Google any more. Its support ended in the year 2008. Download links of it are still available for other third party download sites. 

Google’s scholar: 

A decade’s back, when there is lesser penetration of computer in day to day life and most of times, during research on any paper one has to completely goes back into the deeper shelves of library and used to search for large set of books to find relevant information for research works. Now, with the advent of Google Scholar, one would easily find tons of references of recognized scholars with deep integrations of banks of resources attaches with it provide adequate framework as well as long-range denominations of additional bit of inferences which could easily demonstrate the most pertinent and attentive conclusions on any research parameters.

The interface of Google Scholar is typical of all Google products where one could find each and every bit of information with similar search overhead of Google. Here, search results are explained in details where one would find the exact point of reference and understanding before logging into that websites. Google Scholar has stringent set up rules where one would find extremely difficult to add non-recognizable form of information into depository of Google Scholar.

Google recognizes some pertinent research houses and accepts research articles from these houses only. In this way, the quantum of information deposited inside Google Scholar might not have been on the same side of Wikipedia or other free sources of information but there are some serious works which are included inside Google Scholar. The main reason for creating Google Scholar is to provide sufficient and relevant depository of information to users who are searching for some serious relevant information. 

Negative sides of Google Scholar: 

Do not expect all articles inside Google Scholar to be available free of cost. There are many research houses which demand prices for reading articles. Though, fee of such articles are nominal and most times similar to nominal fees and most times would not hurt pockets of users. Most times, all paid articles have nice and lengthy abstracts and by reading similar abstracts research scholar would get nice little information which could provide deeper advantages of any relevant topics they would have been taking their research off. For college students and research scholars, Google’s scholar is like a dream comes true for them.

For general search enthusiasts it might not seem to them as relevant as they would search information on general Google searches. There are many negative sides of Google Scholar where one would find that most of these search results are paid ones and one would find extremely difficult to handle as one relevant search and link you find seems to suggest, to pay links. Continuous search points to generalise results and one would take huge patients and practice in order to find relevant searches free of cost.

Google Panda Updates: 

Google’s search engine is a distributed network of hundreds and thousands of networked computers with vast memory sizes. Google releases various levels of ‘Google Panda Updates’ in order provide additional levels of strengths in search engines. 

Internet means Google and Google mean its web search. Many internet users failed to memorize a long list of favorite websites but they have a tendency to search for relevant products and find out a different set of similar information which guarantees better search results. Few years back, it has been seen and found that many search results of pertinent information in the front page of Google lead to some worst search results. Such websites seem to be the black-hat enabled website, which is empowered by some against the rules of Google, that ultimately have good Google’s page rank but bad reputation with worst contents. 

Slowly, numerous internet users left to alternative search engines where they have found adequate amount of information from search results. Then, Google releases its series of search engines updates known as ‘Google Panda Updates’. It is internal search engines update of Google which depends mostly on its own internal configuration of search engines where it uses some basic tool metrics in order to categorize each and every level of website in order to present relevant information to users. 

What is Google Panda? 

‘Google Panda’ is a secret search engine algorithm from Google which aims to rank search results in accordance with user’s perceived knowledge-base. It deals with high-quality articles which generate large interests among internet users. Google wants website owners should directly deal with organic traffics. 

My dilemma with older articles: 

In recent months, I have been especially focused on different aspects of enhancing quality contents of sites through rewriting older articles. Website started from August 2007 and in those times my first article was all about different provisions of how to secure your personal computer while browsing the internet. It is all about Windows XP and Windows Vista which had been in prominence in those times. After, eight years, the heart of that article was seriously lost due to end of Windows XP life cycle support system and introduction of Windows 8. 

When that article shows in Google search result, users would find it completely out of date and unwanted. Seriously, Google also slowly pushes that article into a back burner surely of reason that is sufficient enough as it does not want to provide a link to that article where users are searching for security of personal computers against ongoing security hacks. It is completely unwanted and unjustified and not necessary at all and it does not guarantee, enough pertinent results. 

That is why; I decided to update those articles. As a webmaster I want every article, I wrote should be up to date with time and people should not feel left out while reaching to that link from Google or any other search engine. The first question that comes to my mind is that would visitors trust the written information presented in that article. After going through an eight year old article, I am confident that it is outdated and it needs to be rewritten considering what needs to be done to strengthen the security environment of Windows 8 and beyond. Then, one question pops up in my mind is that whether I should completely rewrite that article or should partially change that. For this, I have to go through that entire article and need to understand the theme and the pertinent advantages presented in that article. 

Most of security applications and software recommended in that seven year old articles suggest that those tools and software are either out of date or not was updated for a while. Most of these suggested tools are now part of Windows 8 and users does not have to downloading and instal those tools. So, it presents an interesting idea to compare both eras and add some renew security mechanisms that would completely make the entire environment of the operating system justified and convenient. In order to create an environment of high-quality content, I need to focus on different subjects but this time the theme of the Windows operating system should be Windows 8 and beyond. 

Websites owners refocused on rewriting older contents: 

Google’s “Panda” algorithm concentrated deeply on high-quality and unique contents, large number of websites to be focused on rewriting older contents. I searched Google for plug-in that would automatically create internal linking of keywords of website, and found there are several of it but I am not satisfied with any of them. One plug-in does the internal linking of website automatically and invisibly but the saddest part is that it takes huge hosting resources and imparts heavily on loading time of websites. It does make a difference and slows down website considerably which is not good for indexing of websites in Google search results.

Just like I have said above, internal linking of website is good for search engine optimization but it has to be done manually in order to recreate internal track-back of pages that would connect one page with the other. Google has every right to make such stricter algorithm for providing better search experience convenience of users. Search runs with very complicated mechanisms and it is an ever growing algorithm and its functions relates with an entity of evolving art and science that the main functionality of brain runs with. Similarly, while performing internal linking with that popular plug-in, the author found that, after initialing of that plug-in entire internal linked pages vanished completely. 

So, what is needed for such automatic internal linking of web pages while these actions could be completed manually? 

Manual internal linking of Web Pages takes a hell lot of time, but it would have you for permanent solutions. Strongest possible high points that count for a high-quality site is that it should be well-equipped and perfectly internally linked with its important keywords. Webmasters should build a site considering stepping into that zone of what goes into minds of Google and what future perspective Google would be there? Quality of the article should not be shallow in nature. Article should be at least of 1000 words and should also follow them of topic in entirety.

Search for similar-natured article on your sites and does all these articles present similar intention and ideas which are never ever to be meant to be understood at any point of time. Detect those articles and rewrote those with newer ideas and then show those lists of updated articles in the side bar so that search engines would like to crawl those articles present those to users in sufficiently newer forms. Check those articles with online plagiarism checker and completely proof reads those articles. Google does not like misspelled and plagiarism contents. Always write original content and suggest personalized view of each content. 

Write genuine contents and present real facts in article: 

There are a few very well-written articles but, sometimes factual information written in those articles is incorrect and false. Try to check those information and present true information and review of every information which you would wish to present inside of that article. There must be comparable articles on same subjects written by different webmasters all across the world.

After writing your article, the next step is to make a google search on that subject and read those information from there and find whether information provided on these article on the same of every subject presents similar ideas of what you have written in your article. If the answer is yes then the next step is to add newer ideas that yours opponents presents in their articles. 

Next step of your article is to find out how much percentages of control does your article present with the theme of the article. It should be nearer to 90 percentages in order to find out the exact bit of information and correctness while covering entire aspects of legibility of the subject inside of the article.

If yours article deals with some controversial subject whether there is equal pros and cons on subject, does your article presents equal space for both ideas existing in this and does all these presents vast scale of quality contents and does not provide anything substantial support for any base. In simpler terms does your site recognizes the theme authority of subject, and if the answer is yes then you are on the right path. If all these seemed to be providing some prudent ideas on these subjects, then your article is on the right path. 

Content is king: 

Share contents to social networking sites as well as put Google Webmaster’s stamp authority on it. After saying that article, author should proof read three times. Does that article read well or it has been harshly put forward which does not justify creation of such fine work. Most times, non-English natives have problems writing well-defined article which needs to be checked again and again for its correct semantics. When user reached to your sites, and read your article, it means it trusts your contents and if it finds out some well-written contents then there is every possibility of further implementation of these ideas into their real-life.

That is the reason why one should always be prepared for such articles which would mean heavily for users in determining directions of life. Google sees such sites and create augmented ranks of such sites in order to present a really good picture of such sites and that creates additional momentum and generation of revenues. This implies the amount of comprehensiveness and completeness of the topic on your site. 

Every article should provide insightful analysis, off topic with complete authoritativeness that leads to various decisive ideas depicted inside article. While, writing for website one eye of author should be on interests of users and the other eye should be on what Google wants from yours site and what are essential ingredients that require further strengthening of website in terms of search engine optimization (SEOs) techniques as well as proper distribution of contents of sites all across internet. The power of website increases with the advent of organic visitors. Organic visitors are humans who reach to website. They are not searching for spiders or spun contents of gaining large chunk of visitors reaching out to your site from across the world. 

Then, it is still been a debated issue of whether to take support of Google in enhancing brand of website or go solo and does not care for Google search rankings. It is difficult to predict but when your sites get an adequate amount of exposure and dedicated organic readers then you should be courageous enough to reach out such proposition of ignoring Google while developing branding part of your site. Even Google suggests one does not need to focus on a single line of search engine optimization techniques but focuses more on improving quality of sites in detail in order to provide ample amount of generation of ideas and logic while recreating theme of the subject. It is always wiser to revisit in great length at discrete points of articles in order to provide quality contents to visitors. In this way, your site would like to emerge as a great site in the future with long standing dedicated quality of articles as a perfect support base of it. 

What Google wants from webmasters? 

In short and simple, Google wants high-quality contents with the entire focus on the theme of the subject. Google search algorithm is not human powered calculative device; it deals with a large chunk of automated configurations in finding out real quality of contents inside the vast majority of sites. Many webmasters also equally good in finding out flaws in such techniques and that is why most of them able to secure well calculated rankings.

That is why indexing part of search engines does change from time to time in order to catch hold of such tricksters and punish those sites with lesser ranking systems. Google highly rewards such sites with quality contents and better visibility of the site all across the internet. The principal aim of Google’s “Panda” updates is to reward better sites with better ranking and proper visibility in search engine rankings. 

Google favors white-hat search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and sharing of contents all across shared media networks. From amongst all such social media network, the prominences are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, stumble upon and others. Those webmasters, who are most probably implementing textbook search engine optimization techniques, always put forward constructive and positive values to website.

Better search engine mechanisms, create huge factor for crawling of individual pages. Most of SEO (search engine optimization) are techniques, aim to inherit keyword parameters of website and intimate search engines with the proper form for crawling of individual pages which are meant to release information related to a particular subject. 

White hat optimizer: 

A good SEO technique is called as “white-hat” optimizer. It is best for the development of the site and provides adequate readability for content of website. SEO of website is related to good marketing part of website. Marketing of goods is extremely related to SEO for website. It is all about introducing various creative ways to create populist ideas. The final result of a great site is to create proper awareness and agility among reader all across world. In this way, all such good words and properly distributed visibility would create adequate attendances of people in creating proper visibility of contents all across the internet world.

SEO creates proper awareness and proper engagement of people and provide adequate information highway in order to engage people. There is still a bad side of everything and that does exist with search engine optimization techniques. The opposite of “white-hat SEO” is “black hat SEO”. Google calls “black hat SEO” as “black hat webspam”. There are some notorious web-spam methods which deal with keyword stuffing and link scams only to generate huge indexing of the contents within the shortest span of times. 

Black hat web-spam: 

There have been numerous such articles which fear some irreversible happenings out of Google’s Panda updates. This is nothing to fear about for good webmasters, who have been following decent rules of writing high-quality contents, without any such need for performing so called black hat web-spam. Such clean webmasters need not have so much worry about such deep-linking of articles as with due course of times. They're good articles would be indexed by Google.

Google’s Panda updates aim for bringing out high-quality contents without compromising quality of sites. It aims to provide cleaner experience for internet users as well as prescribing them with smarter generalized ideas so that more and more people read high –quality contents while surfing internet. Google feels differently, as it rewards high quality sites without compromising quality and with, these updates good quality sites get proper face lift and higher amount of traffic than ever before. 

Google assures good webmasters nothing to worry about Panda’s update. It is a content quality filter, aims to upgrade good quality contents with higher and smarter levels of materials so that it stays at the top of internet search engines as never before. It wants unique and detailed content delivery so that requisite people get a higher amount of information irrespective of the same category of thoughts and ideas.

When search for ‘how to amplify FM signal’, the prescribed search series would be full of information but most of them are hardly about exact innovation techniques involved with expanding the scope of FM (Frequency Modulation). Google pushes its Panda’s updates so that every time good qualitative information on a specific search term or category comes out in open and provide users with relevant links. In earlier times, popularity of search is deeply related with link popularity which has been generated due to the advent of different black hat distribution techniques. 

Why Boddunan was able to survive Google’s Panda update: 

As a result of this some of popular content marketing sites such as Bukisa, Triond, Expertscolumn had to suffer because they allow a large set of articles without proper scrutiny. Bukisa suffered the most as it allows writings from contents marketers without proper checks and balances. Triond suffered as its users face deep setback of earnings but still it manages to hold back due to direct Adsense relationships with Google. As a result of these developments, individual writers with their own set of Adsense approved account able to use it in their Triond account to generate handsome money.

From the very beginning Triond implemented stricter methods against spammers, spun contents and plagiarisms. There are many instances of completely suspending some of user’s account from Triond. Webmasters able to provide quality contents on their sites and generates some amount of monthly revenues. From among all these content marketing sites, ranks higher due to its brilliant check and balances in publishing user’s contents. It works with its own Adsense and price of the articles are evaluated from the beginning. 

That is why “Boddunan” was able to withstand such strong force of Google’s Panda updates without any such miserable consequences. Similarly, there are some websites which rely on sending users to by writing about specific set up products with concerned affiliated links. All these websites are heavily penalized by Google and as a consequence of it, generation of revenues of such websites reach to abysmal lowest tide within shortest possible of time. The heavy demise of income from contents marketing site such as Triond is due to badly written contents which are unwanted in front search results from Google.

Most of these links are hugely popular because of inbuilt social networking performance of Triond. If someone has such account they would find internal messaging to see their sites in exchange of other sites. All these are resulting with the creation of an artificial set up observations where most times there is clearly absent of organic visitors. All these lead to change of internal indexing configurations of Google to create noble management of sites to perform real sites in appearing search results. 


Whether or not useful information is there or not but still one would find these links at the first page of specific search results. These are just some of the myths which result for Google to change its internal invisible system which search for specific web-pages before appearing on its search results. Google generally gets its highest amount of revenue generation from “Google Adwords”.

That is why concerned Google, decides to remove so called spam pages from its top search results. Astonishingly, there are many hugely popular websites that have been removed from these front search results. Ultimate aim is to reproduce the unique and quality contents for your website and generate wider and multiple levels of articles while performing hugely same set of ideas from the same subject. 

Google does not like this content sites which aim at providing little information but use different social media networks to gain immense popularity within Google’s search rankings. It is not likely to duplicate contents. There are some content writing sites in the past which allows duplicate contents in their repository and distributes money to users.  Google does not want these sites to be indexed on its search results as a consequence of it, more and more such so called contents writing sites face untold loss of revenues and slowly fading up scenes permanently. Google does not like to spin contents. Spun contents are machine generated articles and these articles would be placed in millions within some minutes.

Google wants webmasters to write down from their thought processes instead of spun contents. Google is also looking towards the problems of individual based webmasters who are deeply hurt by regular Google’s Panda updates. Google has equated industrial website with individual based WordPress sites and for this many small webmasters have faced the brunt of this. Google assured such webmasters to release a series of soft Panda updates so that there would be some change of configurations for individual webmasters who does not have so called higher value of money and people to generate higher quality contents. 

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