Privacy is an important thing in every section. Same goes for mobile phones too. People always have something to hide from others on their mobile phone like photos, files, videos and many more. Well, I am not talking about rubbish things and in the wrong way. With latest smart phones, you can have many important things that you don’t want to share to certain people. And these days I have seen that many people have habit of peeping out the gallery of other person’s mobile phone. Sometimes they also check other private stuffs on others phone which I really hate. So this is wrong and it is necessary to stop it somehow. Sometimes we don’t want others to checkout our private moment and stuffs on our mobile phones. And because of some reasons and our nature we can’t directly tell them to stay away from our mobile. So what to do…? If you have android phone then I have some super ideas and apps for hiding your private things that nobody except you can check out your stuffs on your mobile phone. Let’s learn about how you can hide your things on your android phone.

Make invisible folder on your Android phone

You know you can invisible folders on your android phone. Yes it is true. And for that you don’t even need any third party application. You just required a file manager, and I recommend ES file explorer app for the same. Everybody knows that using file manger we can make new folders for managing our files. But if you will make new folder and name it start with “.”, for example, ‘.photos’ or ‘.videos’, then such folder will be invisible automatically. You can only see them in file explorer and that also when you have on the feature of ‘show hidden files’. If you will put any photos and videos in these folders then those photos and videos will be not visible in the gallery of your phone. This is very easy way to hide anything on your android phone. Just put ‘dot’ in front of any folder name to hide that folder items. And just remove that ‘dot’ from the name and that folder will be un-hide automatically.

Hide Pictures application

There is application on play store named Hide Pictures using which you can hide your stuffs on your android phone. This application available free on Google playstore, just search its name to download it. Good thing I liked about this application is that after installation the name of this application appears on the menu of your phone as ‘Audio Manager’. Not only that when anyone start that application by chance they will only able to see few audio controls on it as its name suggest. There is a hidden way to go to your hidden stuff from this application. The way you will automatically find out when you open application first time on your phone. I don’t want to reveal all those things here. Let’s talk about what features are offered by this application.

Hide messages: Using this application you can actually hide you text messages. Yes that is not offer by many applications. But using this one you can hide your SMS.

Hide applications: Not only your medias and files, you can hide whole applications too using this application. Just hide the applications that you don’t want to show your friends and relatives when you share your phone with them. But for using this function you must have rooted android phone. You can read more about rooted android phone on the internet. 

Other media files: Above things were unique and different. But like other applications this application also provides option for hiding media files. You can hide and unhide videos from gallery on your android phone. Using this application you can also hide and unhide photos from the gallery. Not only that you can also manage videos and images by creating folder inside this application. You can also hide audio files on this application like photos and videos.

So in short this is like complete package to make your stuff private on your android phone. This application has provided all the stuffs you required to hide you files and other things on your phone. If you are also concern about privacy stuff on your android phone then this application is worth trying.

Lockdown Pro application

This application is also one of my favorite. Using this application you can lock down applications on your android phone. You can lock applications like whatsapp, gallery, facebook, etc so that no one without your permission can open it. So you can hide your stuff from your friends and relatives. This application provides pattern lock and password lock for locking down your applications. Not only that this application also provides fake die feature. After turning on this fake feature, when someone will try to open the application you have locked then this application will give fake error message. So that user will not even able to know that you have actually locked down the application.  The new version of this application is also having ‘hide pictures’ feature which was missing in the past. So now you hide your pictures from gallery directly from this application.

Gallery Vault application

This application provides the same features as I mentioned in ‘Hide pictures’ application. But the thing I like about this application is the user interface of this application. It is very user friendly and easy to use. This application also provides some unique features that were missing in other. Like other applications you can hide audios, videos, pictures, documents and other files using this application on your phone. You can also hide this application icon from the menu list so that nobody can open this application. This application also support user interface of latest android lollipop version. Other thing I like about this application is you can directly take photos and videos in vault which are locked automatically. You can directly share them too from the locked gallery available in this application. Other unique thing this application has provided is you can just shake your phone to close this locked gallery when you are in hurry so that you never forgot about closing the app.

So this is it. Just try out above method and applications and I am sure you will enjoy them. You can easily hide your stuff from others on your phone and maintain your privacy. These days privacy matters for different reason so better you keep aware of these things. So keep your mind sharp and do some action. Best of luck.

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  1. usha manohar

Voted ...Excellent informative article !

  1. mohan manohar

Sadly, there is no stock application of android on making files invisible, but on galaxy devices, there are options to hide individual mutlimedia contents from public view, excellent article.

  1. epraneeth77

Excellently crafted Article with good side headings.

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