Android is open source operating system. So if you know about developing stuff then you can root your android phone and install different custom ROMs on your phone to get more features. You can know all information about custom ROMs from my previous article regarding custom ROMs. People always think that custom ROMs are not that great as they are not stable, they provide more features but with that they also provide so many errors. But that’s not true. There are so many custom ROMs available for different devices and among them few are really superb and famous. And CynogenMod custom ROM is one of them. 

CynogenMod is the custom ROM which is quite popular as it provides so many customization features that are not available on default android operating system. It can make your phone more interesting for sure. This ROM will never let you make bored from your phone. Let me tell you that not for all devices this custom ROM is available. If your device is famous and lucky then it may be available for it. You can search on the internet if this custom ROM available for your device or not. Now let’s learn about the features of this custom ROM which make it unique from others.

CynogenMod features and fuctions

Theme Enginetheme

Default android operating system is not having any kind of theme option on it, just boring and same system. That’s why on default system you may get easily bored after using it for certain time. You can change the user interface by downloading different launchers but that is also boring as users are not comfortable same with all launchers. But CynogenMod custom ROM has its own theme engine. This theme engine application of this ROM is really quite popular all over the world and you may easily find out different themes for free on Google play store. Let’s learn what changes you can make using this theme engine on your android phone.

Icons: This theme engine can change the icons of your android phone. You can use different icons with different themes as you like. 

User interface: This theme engine can change whole user interface of your android phone as per theme. This user interface includes notification area, setting page, status bar, navigation bar, etc. By changing theme you will find changes in all areas I mentioned above as per theme.

Sounds: Some themes also include sounds section. So you will also found the change in ringtone for call, notification tone and alarm tone as per theme.

Wallpaper: This theme engine will also change the wallpapers as per theme. You will get multiple wallpapers if theme contains more. With this theme engine you can choose separate wallpapers for lock screen and home screen.

Fonts: This theme engine can also change the fonts of your android system. By changing font on your phone you will found change in fonts at every place on your phone.

Boot Animation: This is something unique. This theme engine is like all rounder. It can also change boot animation of your phone. If you have Xperia theme downloaded on your phone then you will get boot animation of Xperia phone at the booting time. This is something amazing.

This ROM has gained so much popularity just because of its theme engine. You can change the look of your phone completely as you like. Just try it and you will understand what I am talking about.

Managing Tiles in Quick settings and Customizing notification barnotification

On the notification area we are having quick settings option on android phone. Using this area we can toggle different functions like wifi, Bluetooth, data connection, GPS, etc. On default android system unfortunately you have to satisfy yourself with the available functions only. I mean you can’t add or delete any toggle from the list. But on this custom ROM there is a feature using which you can manage this area. Yes, you can add new tiles and remove them as you like. You can arrange the quick settings area as your choice. So this customization feature is quite helpful for those who play more with quick settings option.

You can also customize notification bar from this custom ROM. As I mentioned above you can add tiles on quick settings on notification bar. With that there are also other customizing functions available. You can add widgets like weather on notification area. You can also enlarge first row of quick settings so that you can reach to your important toggles faster by putting them on first raw. So customize your phone for easy use.

Status bar customization

There are many options available to customize status bar on this custom ROM which are surely missing on stock android system.

Clock: In lollipop version there is no am/pm options available for status bar clock. But here you can enable this option. Here you can also change the position of clock on the status bar. You can put the clock at center, left, right and you can also hide it from the status bar. On stock android system clock always available at right corner on status bar.

Battery icon: With this custom ROM you can change battery icon available on status bar. You can also hide the icon from it. You can enable percentage mode option on this ROM.

Brightness Control: On this custom ROM there is one feature named brightness control. By turning it on you will get the option to control the brightness of your phone by sliding your finger left or right on status bar. Means you can increase and decrease the brightness by just sliding your finger left or right on status bar.

settingsCustomizing Buttons

Form this area you can customize different buttons like power button, home button, navigation bar and many more. Let’s check it out.

Navigation Bar: Navigation bar means those soft buttons which are on screen buttons using which you can go back and home. You can customize the buttons using this option. You can add more buttons to navigation bar using this option so that more functions can be access directly from navigation bar area. Not only that there is also left handed mode available for left hander users. From here you can also change function of navigation ring.

Power Button: By pressing power button normally you only get option for switching off your phone. But from here you can have more option on power menu. You can have reboot, screenshot, airplane mode, etc. features on power menu screen when you press the power button. Means power button now can do more things than just switching off your phone.

Volume buttons: You can also change the functionality of volume controller buttons as per you like by this option.

Other customization options

Above I explain many important customization options. But there are many small ones too. In normal stock ROMs you won’t find clear all button on recent app window. But here it is available. You can now manage SIM cards more easily with extra features available on this ROM. You will also found many small display features as addition. You will found more columns and rows on menu window on this custom ROM. On this ROM you will found file manager application which have extra features than normal.

So this is it. I guess I have explained almost. In sort CynogenMod custom ROM is all about customizing your phone. Here you will have so many customizing options available using which you can make your phone just like you want. Those features can make your phone easier to use for you. Try yourself to know more about it.

I have heard lot about this custom ROM in past. I have android one smart phone and just recently installed this custom ROM on my phone. So I just wanted to share my experience with you all. As per me this is the best custom ROM you can ever have. Best of luck.

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