Smartphones are no more a special thing for us. Almost all people have this smart device which is really helpful to us in many ways. Now it is no more ordinary phone like older days which was only used for calling and messaging purpose because now with smartphone we can do lots of different things than just calling. You can use it as alternative of camera, alternative of music player, alternative of video player and alternative of computer. Yes it can do almost all works for us.

These days technology has been improved lot. New technology has increased the use of these smartphones even more and with more efficiently. These days many new gadgets are getting introduced in the market which can make your smart phone experience even better. These gadgets can be attached with your smartphone and can enhance the performance of your smartphone to the next level. Now you can make your smartphone experience more powerful with these gadgets. Let’s see which gadgets are available in the market which can make your smart phones better. Here they are.

Smart watch

These days almost all big companies are launching smart watches for smartphones. Recently Apple has got hugeSamsung Galaxy Gear blank screen success from their smart watch gadget so all companies are now following them. Smart watch can be attached with your android phone and can provide all important notifications to you. You don’t need to open phone for it. You can see all those notification directly from the smart watch. Different smart watches have different functionalities as per their price tag. Using some smart watches you can receive and make calls too. You can set see messages, other notifications like whatsapp, put alarms, to do notes and many more things using these smart watches. From somesmart phone you can access different applications too. You can directly install them on your smart watch. So now gadgets like smart watch can take your smartphone experience to the next level.

Fitness belts

These days many companies are launches fitness belts too. This is nothing but fitness regarding wrist belt. You just need to wear it on your hand and it can track all your workout activity for you. It can count your steps so that you can have your details after running or walking session. By this gadget you can easily know how much distance you have covered with which speed. This device also can track rope skipping detail for you. You can put alarms and reminders on it so that you can wake up on time and you don’t forget any of your work. These belts can also track your sleeping activity that how much you sleep and how well you sleep. You can see all collected data on your mobile via application related to that belt and analyze it. Such applications can also count calorie of your foods and make your diet chart as per your weight. Such applications can directly collect your workout data from the fitness belts, so that you can mix up your exercising data and diet chart to maintain your weight.

Heart regarding gadget

The technology has improved lot that it is really hard to believe that even small gadgets can do work of big machines. Just few days’ back ‘YU’ company has launched health related gadget for android smartphones which can record all data regarding your heart activity. In simple words it tracks your heart activity and can provide different charts. Using this gadget you can measure your blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and many other heart related thing. And big one is that it can also take ECG (electrocardiogram) of your heart. Yes that is true. It is small device which can be attached with any android device. After attaching you just need to put your fingers on the cup and it can take your ECG in no time. Not only that after taking ECG it can send your ECG reports to your doctor instantly with just one click. So now it can save your big time. So for heart patients it is a very important gadget. With this gadget you can monitor your heart multiple times in a day and send the reports anytime to your doctor. So it is like life saving gadget. Such gadget can make your smartphone like medical kit.

Camera lens

This gadget is for camera lovers. Many people just love to take photographs using their smart phone. In short smart phones have decreased the use of actual camera for normal people. But sometime you may not found proper result with your phone. But with this gadget you can enhance the quality of your phone camera. Camera lens is an extra lens for your phone which can be fitted on back of your smartphone on the default camera. By attaching this extra lens to your phone you can have improved result of photographs you take from your phone. Not only that you can do much more clear zoom (depend on the attached lens) result after attaching this extra lens. So if you want to have professional pictures or quality pictures from your phone then you can go for this gadget. It is very small in size, so you can easily carry it with you anytime.

Power banks

Poor battery is very common problem for every people regarding smartphone. But this is because your heavy usage and apps you installed on your phone. Well, I don’t want to talk on that. Power banks are small gadgets which are portable charger for your smartphone. This is really handy gadget. You just need to fully charge this power bank and carry it with you, whenever your phone’s battery is discharged then you can connect this power bank with your phone and it will start charging your phone at a time. Means it is like having double battery with you. Let me tell you in market there are power banks available with big battery backup. Such power bank can charge your phone multiple times. Such gadget can be really handy during traveling time. You can’t put your phone for charging with charger during traveling. But this gadget can solve your problem. This gadget is very small in size, so you can easily carry it with you anytime.

Bluetooth speakers

This is also known gadget like power bank I mentioned above. But this is really helpful for all music lovers. In market there are Bluetooth speakers available which can be attached with your smartphone that can raise voice and quality of your phone’s music with help of that extra speaker. You just need to connect your smartphone using Bluetooth and choose it as your default speaker form your phone. It will start working for you instantly. These Bluetooth speakers are very compact and portable that you carry them anywhere. You can also put it in your car instead of your car’s tape and hear your favorite music from your phone. As I said they are small in size but let me tell you, it will give you quality sound with good voice too. So for all music lovers this is really handy gadget related with your smartphone.

Wireless keyboards

I don’t need to tell that people just loves to do social networking stuff from their phone. In fact this is the most common thing which used by almost all smart phone users. Either whatsapp and facebook or any other social networking thing, people just love to do it from their phones. But for them they need to type lot. Some people are smarter enough in it and some of them found it bit harder. No worry. There are wireless keyboard available for your smartphone which can be connected through Bluetooth to your phone and can be use it as default typing method. Means you can type on your phone using that wireless keyboard after attaching it with your smartphone. This can really enhance your typing experience and speed of typing on your smartphone. 

So this is it. These are the gadgets which can connect with your smartphone to make it performance better. Each one has different functionalities. They can be attached to your phone in different manner to improve different section of your smartphone. So if you too want to have few gadgets to make your smartphone experience better then go for it.

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