It is worth noting that there are some packages that are available for video on the Internet totally free and available to everyone. Others are not free, but the cost of their licenses represents less than the cost that would be a satellite link. Also, getting a small video camera, plus the necessary software and equipment that have sound cards, an investment far less than the gain of antennas, earth stations, communication channels, licensing, etc..

Furthermore, we believe, and indeed this is the thinking of many people, that communications satellites will soon be displaced by other media faster and more efficient, such as microwave and fiber optics because they offer greater speed and bandwidth, more availability, and technologies are easier and simpler to operate and manage.

At this point describes the entire process of video conferencing over the Internet, stating the requirements of hardware and software you need a video, detailing the process and then finally analyze the possible problems that may arise and their solutions.

Software and hardware requirements to achieve efficient video conferencing:

Making a video using the Internet is easy. Anyone can do it. The packages are currently scheduled to present a GUI very user friendly, making them as high-level applications, which keep the process transparent connection.

At most, the last basic and essential that the user must provide the IP address of the other point of connection, and nothing else.

Now, the hardware and software requirements for video are nothing of the other world, on the contrary, constitute and implements programs to any computer that is currently equipped with the exception of the video camera. However in the market there are an infinite number of cameras that can be used for this purpose, and whose cost is not very high, especially when considering that this is an investment that we provide a service that will work long term and that applies punishment.

Below is the basic requirements which must be with any team to make video conferencing.


Processor: Must be a minimum Pentium with 8 MB RAM and 10 MB hard disk.

5.2.2 Software

Package for video conferencing over the Internet: In the market, there are many of these applications, most of which need to run the following:

Windows 3.1 or higher.

Winsocks to connect to the Internet using TCP / IP, such as Chameleon or Trumpet.

Video Driver 256 color (8 bits) to any resolution (640 x 480 800 x 600 1024 x 768 or higher).

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