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CPU itself is the brain of the computer, which in turn is composed of arithmetic unit, logic, and control units. It works on a master clock that coordinates the execution of all operations performed by the microprocessor.

The fundamental unit of work of this watch is the number of instructions the microprocessor can execute in one second. So a 12 Mhz. can make 12 million cycles per second.

The speed and power of execution of tasks is determined entirely by the microprocessor which divided into different types of computers, including some already obsolete as are calls XT 8086, 80286, 80386, 80486 and Pentium (80586), named INTEL by the manufacturer which has provided since the first PC's and even today the majority of plants with their computer models of the brain.

But Intel is not the only manufacturer of microprocessors for personal computers, also compete in the marketplace companies like Cyrix, AMD, Power PC, Digital Equipment, etc. However, while competition in most of these companies offer an equivalent to standard microprocessor serial number provided by Intel Corporation.

The model of a microprocessor shows on all the power or potential of tasks that a microprocessor can execute at a time and watch your shows sync speed with which they are made. Thus, between a computer 286 and a 486 there is a noticeable difference in power and speed unmatched since the first order we can not add u so much as the second and on the other side of 25 between 486 and 486 Mhz to 50 Mhz talking to both have the same power, but the second doubles the speed at first.

Current processors

There are currently too powerful processors as mentioned above. The company Intel has launched its new Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz

Similarly improved their previous processors such as the Pentium III, which has just launched the Pentium III 1.13 GHz

There are also other Intel processors that serve the company for servers and workstations such as the Intel XEON.

Also the Intel Itanium, which is considered the next generation processor for servers and workstations.

But the company Intel is not the only one that makes processors for PC's there is another company that makes processors and is a major rival of Intel and the company AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) that makes the AMD Athlon processors whose current speed is 1.4 GHz

There are other such as AMD Duron processors with speeds of 1GHz model.

Main Card

Also called Mother Card or Motherboard is where the basic connections for all components of the computer, which revolve around the microprocessor. It basically allows or not the future growth of the abilities of any computer, a card with an architecture very close finish with the life of all equipment at the time it requires a repair or improvement, this was the case with most of the computers that existed in the past, to name a few: Commodore 64, Tandy 1000 and all XT'sy some 286 of IBM.

These can be classified at present:

- 8-bit Architecture: First XT

- 8 -16 bit ISA architecture. Most of the existing clones

MCA or EISA architecture of 32 bits. The majority of IBM compatible or brand that is sold


Currently there are many types of motherboards here is just one example of many types of motherboards.

Azza 815EPX

Hardware Characteristics of the Azza 815EPX


Intel (R) Pentium (R) III (FC-PGA) / CeleronTM Processor

500MHz ~ 1GHz or faster processor


Intel (R) 815EP chipset. (544 BGA) + Intel (R) ICH2 chipset. (241 BGA)

Form factor

ATX - 30.5cm X 21cm


5 PCI - 0 ISA - 2 CNR - 1 AGP - 4 USB


3X 168-pins DIMM SDRAM 512Mb PC133


66Mhz to 166Mhz in 1Mhz increment in the BIOS.

Vcore adj.

+0.05 V, +0.1 v, +0.2 v, +0.3 v, +0.4 v,-0.05v,-0.1v,

Vio adj.


Audio chipset

embed into the chipset

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