Hard Drive


Hard drive is installed inside the computer and is fixed. They are faster and safer to read floppy drives whose storage capacities range from 20 Mbytes to 2 Gigabytes. The fastest go below 15 milliseconds to access the information. At present, avoid buying discs with capacities of less than 120 Mb in a short time will not serve to almost nothing.

Currently there are higher-capacity hard drives ranging from 10.15 to 40 or 60 Gb

Prices for hard drives range from $ 78 dlls disk 10GB to $ 132 dlls disk 40 Gb


CD-ROM or Compact Disc


They are more expensive and more as the minimum is 500 MB and can be stored in the future around some Terabytes. It is recommended to purchase equipment that contains this device, thanks to large amounts of information so varied that they can support this type of storage and begin to build large information base on a single disc: Encyclopedias, courses, tours , newspapers and magazines in the future before us.




As much as all of the microprocessor circuit devices that are feeding on very small amounts of a source of energy needed to provide support and regulate the amount needed. Since any variation in voltage may be enough to burn off those circuits.


Devices for growth:


The doors are ready to receive the connection of any device or card that expand the capabilities of a computer work, and are the most important point to make sure to have made a good investment. These are expansion slots and ports. Ports are connection points that come with the computer and which allow rapid installation of the devices more common, as are the keyboard, printer, monitor, etc..


Information input device


These are those that allow the microprocessor to obtain information and instructions to follow in time. Thanks to them, we can communicate with the computer. Among the most common are:


The keyboard

Through which we can give you specific instructions to the microprocessor via a written language. This is very similar to the keyboard of a typewriter but with more keys. Mainly characterized by the keys SHIFT, ALT and CTL to allow you to enter virtually any information within programs or documents.

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