This device can simulate the small signal designs and locations as if it were done with the index finger, thanks to programs that benefit on the screen with an arrow when sliding the device on a flat surface moves the arrow in the direction that takes place on the screen. Once identified, objects and even allows you to choose and change take place.

Optical or E-scanners crawlers

They are virtually small copiers, through which light beams scan an image point by point and transferred to computer memory as a file, the type of information that can trace its kind are given, including any that track color .

The quality of these is represented by the maximum resolution that can track an image, there are from 300 dpi to 2400, although at the time of purchase must be taken into account by one of the highest quality output from your printer and amount of available space on your hard drive as well as the size of the RAM in your machine because of a mismatch may never use your crawl beyond the capabilities of your computer.

One of the most outstanding features of crawlers images are programs that allow the intelligent character recognition to make the image of the crawled documents in free text that can be modified once it even letter by letter.

Scanner manual: It seems that the mouse moves over a smooth surface will turn your image file is very slow and requires great precision to avoid errors in the picture.

Scanner bed: These are basically small copiers that like them, traced in his document screen. Very fast, accurate and increasingly inexpensive.

Stylus or screen barcode spreading, well known to us in large supermarkets, which interpret coded information through a system of bars.

Microphones audio card

Already started to see around our computer systems based on speech recognition that can make a computer using a card installed specifically to convert your voice into bits and vice versa, and thus begin to see voice-controlled devices, as we answer some by phone when we call a bank to ask for our balance.

Information output devices

Are those that allow us to obtain the information processed by the computer, and among the most common are:

The monitor

This is merely a device called the CTR (cathode ray tube) in which data can be displayed in text format and processed by computer graphics. The standard video of modern computers is based on the VGA, which gives the user the ability to represent not only the screen images of better quality but also can be seen in normal quality authentic photographs, such capacity is not had none of the systems prior to this video.

When choosing a computer is very important for us to know its quality, brand and individual security, as if this device is just that: it can pollute more, lower quality tire and deteriorate over our eyes, a lot of energy is heated more than the entire team, and so on.

To make matters worse were it not for the quality you need is not going to serve at the time of use programs that generate detailed images represent realistic or accurate. This should take into account especially those that require computer equipment to provide Graphic Design, Architecture, Video Editing, printing, etc..

The ability to generate quality images of a monitor is called the resolution and determines the number of dots or "pixels" that contains the screen. Thus a monitor of 640x480 (standard VGA) will be lower quality with many colors and realistic images of a 1024x768 commonly called SuperVGA. Also there are intermediate points of 800x600.

In addition a normal VGA monitor system can image up to 256 different shades in a better exchange can handle up to 16 million tones in color, here lies the reason for its resolution and speed.

Both the image quality, accuracy and speed are supported by the video card, which takes the information from main memory, stored in the memory itself and ordered him to monitor the order and arrangement of the information point by point. All this means that if you change your monitor type and you must also change the type of video card.

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