These are those through which we can both access and enter information or instructions to the microprocessor. Among the most common:

Drives read / write Diskettes

These specialize in reading the information stored on floppy disks, and write the data in these data to be stored. According to its density will be writing the kind of disk can read or write. The most commonly used at present are the 5 ¼ "and 3 ½". We now have other units such as the Zip Drive and Disk Drive Mini

Iterative Monitors

There are special displays that present information as it does any monitor can also enter information pointing our finger on it, though more expensive than the simple act of buying a mouse, are very useful in open areas where you need speed and stamina in the use device, as is the fact of making reservations at airports.

Device-Modem Fax Modem

When we talk on the phone sending cable signals to reach the similar device becomes voice again, though the computers are machines that generate these signals or waves, on the contrary a computer all the time this internally generated interruptions 1'sy 0'so form of bits is also called digital frequency.

The modem is a device that once connected to a computer by hand modulates a binary signal in waves or analog signals enabling them to take advantage of the existing telephone infrastructure in our world to send in the same way voice, data, images and a instead of the other side DEModulator converting those signals back into bits to be played on the computer interpreted the information received from across the world.

This capability coupled with the new computers come with a card combined with a fax modem, which they call fax-modem which means that besides being able to connect to any computer in sync with us anywhere in the world, we can also connect with other people companies or institutions that do not even have a computer if the conventional fax that it is imperative for any business. If one looks carefully one will find that this conventional fax device is 3 appliances in one, that is:

You have to crawl to photocopy the document to be sent. It is a modem; it modulates and demodulates return to receive the image traced. It's empty printer paper because the information received.

There are many brands of modems, but now is the fastest modem 56k V90, and now the company's Internet service provider Prodigy Internet, has 128k modem that lets you make and receive calls even if These surfing the Internet. There are also other modems which provide Internet service like broadband cable modems which allow you to be connected to the Internet without a phone line, plus the Internet or cable is 10 times faster try the modem dialing or phone line.

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