Hello guys , Yes you are right. I am talking about the blue screen error that often occurs in one's laptop or a desktop . It is really very annoying . We cant even save the work we are doing . Infact in some cases we cannot swith on our computer . Till date no one has found out a perfect solution of this problem . Some people say that you just wait , it will automatically go away . But friends it is a very serious issue , and it should be solved immediately or else it can do severe damage to the internal circuitry of your computer . First of all , does anyone of you know why it occurs . Well , according to me , there are many reasons of its occurrence . First of all it may occur if you not configured your hardware correctly . Secondly , knowingly or unknowingly if you have installed the wrong software which is not compatible with your hardware . So , basically it occurs when your software and hardware are not synchronizing properly . Some people also give overheating the reason of its occurrence , but i don't think if that is the reason . It generally occurs when you are installing a driver or a software . If the blue screen appears during the installation then there is no problem because the software you are installing is causing the problem . After you restart don't try to install that software again. If you have installed the software and then the problem is occurring then there is a serious problem . You should immediately uninstall the software or the driver from the control panel . If due to blue screen error your computer fails to start , then there is only one option available . You will have to install a new version of your OS . You can still save your old OS by installing the new OS in a different drive . But be careful because you will loose all the data on the drive in which you are installing the new OS . I tried to share my best knowledge regarding the most annoying "Blue Screen" error . Hope it proves to be useful for some of my friends over here .

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