Well most of these tips and tricks are well known to this is not stolen or copied.....Everything works perfectly.....enjoy!!!.....TESTED on my own computer....with guidance from my brother

1.Speed Up Your Modem:

Even if your modem is working well, the baud rate of your COM port might not allow you to reach top-speeds. To improve the port's speed:
1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel >
2. Under the Device Manager tab, click the '+' sign next to Ports (COM & LPT).
3. Select the port your modem uses (usually COM2), click Properties, and on the Port
Settings tab set the Bits per second to 115200

2.Emulate Windows 95:

In Windows 98, when a menu is too tall to fit the screen, you will see a scroll arrow at the bottom. In Windows 95, a second menu would appear next to the first when the entries don't fit. For Windows 95 like behaviour in Windows 98:
1. Start the Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Advanced.
2. Create a new String Value and name it StartMenuScrollPrograms.
3. Double-click on this entry and add the value 'false'.
4. To restore Windows 98 behavior, simply
change the value of StartMenuScrollPrograms to 'true'.

3.Automatic Logon:

If Windows asks you for a user name and password every time it is started, you can have it log on automatically:
1. Open the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and add the following String values:
2. Double-click on each of them to enter their respective data. Set the value of AutoAdminLogon to 1. Enter your user name and password in the DefaultUserName and DefaultPassword items respectively.

4.Instant Shutdown/Restrart:

It is possible to shutdown or restart Windows immediately, without waiting for a confirmation.
1. Right-click on the Desktop and click New > Shortcut.
2. In the Command line box, type 'C:\Windows\rundll.exe user.exe,ExitWindows'.
3. Click Next, name the shortcut Shutdown Windows and click Finish.
Similarly, to create a shortcut to restart, type 'C:\Windows\rundll.exe user.exe,ExitWindowsExec' for the Command line.

5.Speed Up Your Connecting Time:

Speed-up the time it takes for Dial Up Networking to establish a connection with your ISP.
1. Open Dial-Up Networking, right-click the connection and choose Properties.
2. On the Server Types Tab, under Advanced Options, make sure that the check-box for Log on to network is unchecked.
3. Under Allowed network protocols, select only TCP/IP and uncheck NetBEUI & IPX/SPX.


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