Today I am going to reveal a great method of free PC to phone calls from any country to India. This is completely my own invented method and I have made a lot of calls through this.

For making free calls you have to:

1.) Download a software called ADPHONE. Its size is only about 14 MB.

2.) Then you have to install it.

3.) Now after installing the software, you have to create a free account of adphone, for that you need a valid email account.

4.) After completion of Sign Up-validation process log in to adphone. You will see that your credit balance is zero.

5.) In the bottom left of the software window, there is a link called "Earn credits". Click there. A new window opens.

6.) In the window, click on the Facebook fan bonus.

7.) Now link your Facebook account ( Create if you do not have one ) to your adphone

account. Instructions for the same will be given there.

8.) Now follow the instruction and become an Adphone fan in Facebook. Adphone will give you 10 credit points each 14 days. With those 10 points, you will be able to make 3 minutes of free call to any Indian mobile or landline phone.

9.) You can also create multiple accounts to increase you talktime. Adphone allows this.

10.) Now, what else remains? Keep calling free.

NB : I am neither related to adphone nor promoting it. I have found this method useful, and I think it will be helpful for those who want to call free, so I have written this. Thank you.

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