Windows VISTA comes with a wide range of applications and features that can enhance the user experience. But,on other hand,they needs more system resource and more disk space and can slow down your PC.If you think that your computer do not have sufficient RAM and disk space or You do not need these features, you can disable these features to save your hard disk space and speed up your PC. If you are a basic home user , you would like disable some features such as Aero Flip, Sidebar gadgets,Windows meeting spaces and ultimate extras. Then,I an telling you how can you disable unwanted VISTA features. Follow these steps: 1.Click on Start Menu and open Control Panel. 2.Find the 'Program and Feature' icon in the control panel and double click on it. 3.Click on the 'Turn windows features on or off' link.You will able to view the list of available features. 4. De-select the unwanted features to disable it. 5.Click 'OK' to save changes. Now all unwanted features of Windows Vista have disabled. Have a FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

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