S : Does everyone needs to know the entire history of evolution of computers, sir?

T : You can study the evolution of computers is detail out of interest. But now I shall list you out some basic point, which has to be essentially known by every one.

S : Thanks sir, I feel that would be better and easy to learn know?

T : Note down clearly kanna, I will list out the very essential things which you can remember about generations of computers.

Each and every generation has a period of evolution Kanna, i.e., that generation of computer was in use for a range of years, that is a very important point which you can learn and remember about each generation.

And then each generation of computer had a chief constituent component. That is the next equally important point which you have to know about generations.

And each generation of computers had some merits and limitations.

And finally there are certain examples of each generation of computers.

Put together these four points are very essential points about each generation of computers which you can learn and remember for future reference.

S : Sir, now can you list out all the above information which you said just know?

T : Yes kanna, here I am presenting the above details in a tabular format below.



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