This is an application used to alert when you have new messages in your email. It supports only windows based operating systems. It is displayed as an icon in the startup tray.It shows the preview of the messages as and when it comes without logging in to the browser. Just follow the below steps to easily check your e-mail.

1. Download the software from the following location. Size is just 292 KB.

2. Install the software in to your PC. While installing, it will display two options named Run on startup and Use for Outgoing mail. Select both the options.

3. After the installation is completed, it will ask to enter the username and password of your gmail account. Enter the details.

4. Once the details are entered, the icon appears on the system tray and shows the preview of the new messages.

5. Now you have to select the browser in which you want the messages to be showed. Right click the icon and select 'Options'. It will show the list of browsers if you have more than one. Choose the desired browser.

6. To read the mails, right click the icon and click the option 'View Inbox'. It will open your gmail in the browser you have selected.

The preview of the messages appears like the image below:


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