BigAdda isn’t being even slightly coy about promoting its Indianness. Targeted at the country’s youth (no surprise!), it’s a very slick site that’s fairly easy to navigate,and is clearly going to capture a huge audience. With a massive TV, outdoor and print campaign currently in progress,BigAdda is promoting itself as a platform for college-aged Indians to share their photos, home videos, and even stories,via individual blogs. A site-wide forum covers everything you’d expect to see covered on this kind of site. There’s a strong Bollywood presence, and Indian politics are discussed with great animation.Of course there is a system of themed groups, and of course they’re called “addas”. Cricket, music, celebrity gossip,relationship advice and fashion tips are flying everywhere. Just like Orkut and Facebook, Bigadda requires you to register for a free account before you can browse through people’s profile pages (MySpace doesn’t, unless users specifi cally enable this option).However, you can browse through listings of “addas” and see a few other pages that don’t display users’ profile information.With a team of anti-abuse offi cers,BigAdda will ensure that a human checks any profile or group page that has been flagged for offensive content. Users receive three warnings, after which their accounts can be deactivated. Plus,you can block individual users who are harassing you, or choose to receive messages only from people on your list of You can invite friends having email ID’s from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and rediff too. Browse through a list of members completely and view their profiles directly before inviting them. This makes searching for your right Chaddi Friend much more easier. You can also reply and post blogs or even create your own blogs on the website. Click on the ‘Take a tour’ link on the Bigadda website to know more about the features and what it has new to offer over other similar websites. So while BigAdda really doesn’t bring anything new to the scene in terms of technology or features, it’s certainly slick and positioned well enough to ensure thata huge number of users sign up.

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